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Help Kelp is a type of seaweed seen in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Sick Day".


Help Kelp is indicated to be a seaweed. It has long, green, blade-like fronds with a central red vein. It appears to grow in clumps, often with other types of seaweed. Help Kelp grows in shallow marine environments, presumably to have access to sunlight for photosynthesis. It grows in cool to temperate regions; it is unknown if it grows in warmer or colder climates.


Help Kelp is a food source for eels, as they find it a 'delicacy' according to Marena in "Sick Day". It is also the only known cure for the Dreaded Dragon Flu, a contagious illness that affects dragons.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

In the episode "Sick Day", Marena tells Leyla and Summer that Help Kelp is the cure for the Dreaded Dragon Flu. She also warns them that where there is Help Kelp, there are Eels which inhabit that area. Leyla and Summer go to where the other dragons saw eels when they were trying to retrieve the rock for Volley Rock. Summer dives down into the Ocean and is about to grab some Help Kelp, but she is scared away by the eels. After that Leyla goes down with her and with Summer as a distraction gets some Help Kelp before being attacked by the eels. One eel takes Leyla's bag from her, but Summer overcomes her fear of eels and retrieves the bag with the Help Kelp in it. They then go back to The Roost and give the sick dragons each a frond Help Kelp to eat.


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