Hard to port... for Helheim's Gate
  — Hairy Hooligan in How to Train Your Dragon  

Helheim's Gate, named after the Norse equivalent of the Underworld, Hel, was first mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon original movie. The Vikings needed to sail through this area of the sea to get to Dragon Island where the Red Death resided at that time. Later, School of Dragons added this area in the release of the Expansion "Return to Dragon Island".

Official Description

Located where gray clouds conceal the sun and winds are strong enough to hinder even the strongest ships, lies Helheim’s Gate. Dragons and Vikings must brave these dangerous waters before they can land on the shores of Dragon Island. Only those blessed with immense fortune by the gods can hope to navigate through the sea stacks that stretch upwards towards Asgard. To even attempt to pass through, it would take an incredibly talented and courageous Viking.
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Helheim's Gate is an area in the sea with a tight collection of sea stacks, rock formations, thick fog, and strong tidal currents. There are numerous shipwrecks around the area, including a large ship hull suspended in the air.


How to Train Your Dragon

The Hooligan Viking forces sail through this foggy and treacherous area to get to Dragon Island and attack the Red Death's Nest.

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Gobber the Belch (Franchise) and the dragon riders go through Helheim's gate to get to dragon island to find the Boneknapper , with Gobber telling the gang stories of his previous encounters with the dragon 


School of Dragons

In the School of Dragons Expansion "Return to Dragon Island", the player is asked to find Dragon Island by way of Helheim's Gate. The player must use a fishing map from Mulch and Bucket as well as a compass to navigate this area.



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