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Anyway, when I found her, she'd been hurt in a fight with a Typhoomerang. Windshear held her own. Didn't you, girl? But she needed to be nursed back to health. Then when she was better, I used the training you guys taught me on Berk. We've become the perfect team. We're unstoppable. I mean, look at her! No one can take us down. And if they try, they'll be sorry for it. [src]
  — Heather, about Windshear  

Heather and Windshear were introduced, together, in the first season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, and have grown to be a formidable pair throughout the Race to the Edge series.

Heather and Windshear have a strong bond, and trust each other wholeheartedly. They protect each other, and are also very experienced in fighting against the Dragon Hunters. Windshear trusts no one more than Heather, her rider.

Dragons: Race to the Edge


In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", Heather explains that she had found Windshear after she had been attacked by a Typhoomerang. Using the dragon training skills she had learned from the Dragon Riders in Riders of Berk, she was able to treat the injured dragon and train her. The two soon became a well-bonded team, caring for each other as dragon and rider. Before meeting the Dragon Riders, the two would raid bandit ships, to redistribute the stolen goods back to their rightful owners.


Heather cares a lot about Windshear, like any rider with their dragon. Even though Heather displayed her single focus to kill Dagur in "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", she was still was not willing to put Windshear at risk for it. She also took Windshear's needs into account when choosing her campsite, choosing an island that was filled with sea slugs: Windshear's favorite.

Even though Heather loved to live on Dragon's Edge with the Dragon Riders, she would not choose them over her dragon, Windshear. She understood that Windshear was not happy there, being not very good around other dragons, and would prefer to be alone with her mistress; for this, Heather was willing to give up living on the Edge and go back to the Wilderness, although thanks to Fishlegs, she didn't have to make that choice.

When Windshear was caged and thrown into the ocean, Heather risked her life to save her dragon. When that didn't work, she was willing to die alongside Windshear if it meant that the two of them couldn't be together, showing that their bond is as strong as it could be.


Windshear is very protective of Heather, even knocking Snotlout over when he tried to flirt with her. Windshear also appears to understand how Heather feels, showing concern when she is upset, like every dragon to their riders. She saves Heather when she was about to hit rocks at the bottom of a cliff whilst performing a trick. However, Windshear and Heather were not able to perform this trick, indicating that perhaps their relationship is based less around playtime and more around fighting on the same team.


  • Heather, despite not receiving as many instructions on dragon training as the Dragon Riders, was able to train her dragon extremely quickly and with as much success as the other dragon riders. However, Windshear is noted not to work very well at all around other dragons from spending so much time alone in the wilderness. This lack of trust for others would make sense, due to Windshear's experiences, and is also possibly a result of Heather not having any other dragons her dragon could make contact or bond with.

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