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Headmaster Heyral is a character exclusive to the game, School of Dragons.

Official Description

The School of Dragon's Headmaster will go down in history not only as the first School of Dragons Headmaster, but also as a legendary Viking warrior whose exploits will be sung for generations to come. ... He knows that there is a reckoning coming in the horizon and his dragon trainers must be ready to take on the challenge.
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Early Life

In his younger years, he was known as Heyral the Bloodthirsty, one of the smartest and strongest warriors that Berk had ever seen. For decades before peace was made between the dragons and Vikings, he fearlessly defended the village and defeated countless dragons. As his legend grew, many claim to have witnessed dragons flying away in fear when they saw him coming to the battlefield!
The Headmaster developed invaluable insight into his winged enemies through a lifetime of combat. He would lead many expeditions through the sea to find the fabled dragon nest. Although he came back empty handed each time, his last expedition was what put an end to his career. He never talked of what happened on that trip. One Viking who followed him on the journey claimed that the Headmaster discovered a nest of baby Deadly Nadders. Though the dragons were his mortal enemies, he could not bring himself to put them down. Disappointed in his resolve as a Viking warrior, he laid down his axe after the journey and retired.
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Formerly known as Heyral the Bloodthirsty, he was a staunch defender of Berk, especially against attacking dragons. He killed many and, at the same time, learned much about them. He also attempted to find the Dragon's Nest several times, but was never able to find it. For an unknown reason, he suddenly retired from being a warrior. It was rumored by his followers that this was due to his inability to kill a nest of baby Deadly Nadders on his final expedition.

Becoming the Headmaster of School of Dragons

Years later, news of Hiccup’s grand achievements reached him and reignited his interest in these winged creatures. After all, he knew how strong dragons were. The thought of Vikings and dragons working together intrigued him, and he quickly returned to action to find his place in this new world where they could coexist. To Stoick, Heyral was the clear choice to lead the School of Dragons. He knew that Heyral’s leadership and dragon knowledge would prove invaluable to young Viking students. Heyral sometimes comes across as a stern teacher with strict lessons, as he demands the absolute best from his students. However, his resolve comes from knowing what is necessary to forge his students into powerful dragon trainers.
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Heyral came out of self-imposed retirement after Berk forged a peace with the dragons. Stoick appointed Heyral as Headmaster of the newly formed 'School of Dragons' on School of Dragons Island. Heyral also teaches classes at the school in addition to leading it.

Physical Appearance

Heyral is a large Viking man, similar to Stoick and Gobber in size and shape. He has an enormous chest with large arms, and relatively small and narrow legs. The breath of his grey beard rivals that of Stoick's. His beard is gathered at the end into a sort of pony-tail configuration, and the long handles of his mustache appear to be braided. Heyral is missing his left forearm, and wears an axe prosthesis in its place.

Abilities, Skills, and Talents

Fighting Skills

Heyral is a warrior who has survived war with dragons through skill, strength, and bravery, despite loosing a limb. He was so accomplished at warfare, he was formerly known as 'Heyral the Bloodthirsty'.


  • The Headmaster has his house built on the school grounds. It can be seen near one of the waterfalls.
  • Like Gobber the Belch, the Headmaster is suspicious of Hobgobblers, although he is far less terrified of them than Gobber is.



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