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Hawks are birds of prey that appear in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, in the game, School of Dragons.


"Hawk" is a name applied to birds of prey of the Subfamily Accipitrinae and the Genus Buteo, depending on location. In some areas Buteo members are also called "buzzards", whereas in other a "hawk" is any daytime bird of prey that is not a falcon and not an eagle. Whichever the terminology, hawks are generally a little smaller than many eagles, and a little larger than many falcons. They are also characterized by a heavier build and broader wing suitable for soaring, as compared to falcons. A Hawk's diet is wide, and generally will take any small bird, mammal, or reptiles, and even insects.


In the Franchise, the Hawk is only seen for educational purposes.

In reality, humans have tamed wild hawks and other birds of prey to use as hunting animals in a variety of cultures, including historical Vikings.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 4

I've been watching them like a hawk. [src]
  — Dagur about himself  

Dagur mentions hawks as a comparison.


School of Dragons

The Hawk appears in the first section of the Loki's Maze Spring version, called "Loki's Mirage". It is featured as part of an illustrated Food Chain.


  • In June of 2017, the School of Dragons Forum posted a Poll asking players what new animal they would like to see in game. Hawk was one option, and while it did not win the poll, Hawks came very close. This suggests that in the future, the game staff may consider adding hawks to the game.


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