This is Havenholme. It was a dragon refuge. My friends and I built this place not too long ago.

Havenholme is an island that appears in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders[1].

Official Description

When the island of Havenholme is found in ruins, mysterious survivors emerge as unlikely future heroes.
  — Official Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Website[1]  


Havenholme is a verdant island with many small streams, cliffs and other rock formations, wildlife, and trees and shrubbery. There are also many man-made structures such as bridges, homes, camps, and an underground dungeon-like area that appears to have been created by Bork the Bold. There is also a large windmill situated at the highest point on the island.



Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

Havenholme is the starting location in this game. The island is attacked by dragon trappers, leaving destruction in their wake, a boy with amnesia, and a strange dragon egg. Scribbler explores the island with his dragon, Patch, and together they fight and defeat several Dragon Trappers.



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