This is Havenholme. It was a dragon refuge. My friends and I built this place not too long ago.

Havenholme is an island that appears in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders[1].

Official Description

When the island of Havenholme is found in ruins, mysterious survivors emerge as unlikely future heroes.
  — Official Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Website[1]  


Havenholme is a verdant island with many small streams, cliffs and other rock formations, wildlife, and trees and shrubbery. There are also many man-made structures such as bridges, homes, camps, and an underground dungeon-like area that appears to have been created by Bork the Bold. There is also a large windmill situated at the highest point on the island.



Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

Havenholme is the starting location in this game. The island is attacked by dragon trappers, leaving destruction in their wake, a boy with amnesia, and a strange dragon egg. Scribbler explores the island with his dragon, Patch, and together they fight and defeat several Dragon Trappers.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Havenholme appears in this game as the location of the Crimson Goregutter. It is automatically unlocked by the player upon obtaining the Legendary Dragon and can be used as an extension of Berk for placing dragons and buildings.


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