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Heather: Come on, Windshear, get us out of here.

Dagur the Deranged: Oh, Heather, don't fight it.

Hiccup: Toothless, we have to save her!

Dagur: Well, look who the dragon flew in! Glad you could join us, brother! It wouldn't feel like a family reunion without you. Now, take out that Night Fury!

Hiccup: Blast the chains, Toothless, now! [Toothless tries] Dragon-proof chains?!

Dagur: Ha-ha! Nice try, Hiccup! You didn't think I'd make it that easy for you, did you?

Savage: Come on, lads, get him!

Hiccup: Whoa! Okay, that was too close! Come on, bud. If we can't blast the chains... blast the winches!

Dagur: Come to Dagur...

Hiccup: Fire! Nice shooting, bud! [They blast the winches and Heather is free]

Dagur: [Walks up to one of his soldiers] Ahem. Excuse me, what good are dragon-proof chains WITHOUT DRAGON - PROOF WINCHES?! [Shoves the soldier through a hole in the deck.]

Hiccup: Heather you can't take on Dagur and his fleet all by yourself!

Heather: I'm not by myself. I have Windshear. I'm too close. I might not get this shot again!

Hiccup: But this is suicide!

Heather: I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Hiccup: But are you willing to sacrifice Windshear, too? Heather, there will be another time. I promise you!

Heather: Blasting the winches, pretty smart.

Hiccup: Yeah, and a little luck never hurts either. I talked to Johann. He told me Dagur wiped out your village... and your family. I'm sorry.

Heather: Then you know why he has to pay.

Hiccup: I do. But you don't have to do this alone.

Heather: I don't know. It seems that I'm destined to be alone. First, when I was a little girl, I get separated from my birth family.

Hiccup: Your birth family?

Heather: Yes, but I don't remember much. It was so long ago. Just a few pictures in my mind. I remember my father's hands. They were rough, like sandstone, but so gentle. And I remember the smell of his wooden shield. I don't think I was supposed to play with it, but he let me anyway. And this. He gave me this horn. I don't know if it means something, but whenever I look at it, I think of him. I just wish I knew who he was.

[Back on Dragon's Edge]

Heather: Look, I'm sorry I locked up your dragons. I just didn't trust that you guys would let me go after Dagur.

Fishlegs: Trust does need to be earned with people and dragons.

Heather: Thanks for understanding, Fishlegs.

Snotlout: I don't really trust these guys either, Heather.

Astrid You know, we can hear you.

Snotlout: Jealousy is an ugly quality, Astrid. But clearly, I understand where it comes from.

Astrid: Ugh.

Hiccup: The point is, we have you back, Heather. You're one of us.

Fishlegs: Yeah, I stocked Windshear's stable with buckets of sea slugs.

Snotlout: And I made room for you in my hut!

Hiccup: And I've made it clear to Snotlout that you're not staying in his hut.

Tuffnut: Even though you were the rogue dragon rider and you sabotaged our dragons and you snuck away in the dark of the night. Wait a minute, why do we like you again?

Heather: I'm truly sorry, Tuffnut.

Tuffnut: [Staggers back] Whoa! That was... sincere. What am I supposed to do with that? I'm a little bit flushed and overwhelmed. Little help here? People?!

Ruffnut Ugh. Help yourself.

Fishlegs: And if you need any help with Windshear-

Snotlout: Why don't I show you around the Edge? I'm basically chief.

Heather: Thanks, guys, really. I--

Ruffnut: Hey, glad you're back. Your dragon rocks.

Astrid: Let's go have some girl time.

Heather: Good idea.

Astrid: Two axes are better than one!

Heather: True. Unless you have one of these!

Astrid: You really have to show me how you made that!

Heather: Sure, but I prefer close combat to throwing... so I can stare my enemy in the eye.

Astrid: Not a bad tactic. But don't discount... Hyah! [Throws her axe at a tree.]

Heather: Hmm... The element of surprise. I like that.

Astrid: That's one of Hiccup's favorite tactics.

Heather: So, you two are a thing, right?

Astrid: What? No, just friends!

Heather: Come on. I've seen the way the you two are together.

Astrid: No. Seriously. Friends.

Heather: Hmm. He's kind of cute.

Astrid: I guess. If you like that unassuming, heroic, dragon rider type.

Heather: Bullseye.

Astrid: Now, you and Snotlout, that's a match made in Valhalla. I don't know whether to thank you or feel sorry for you.

Heather: I can handle Snotlout. And besides, I'm not into the macho Viking type. I like a little smarts. Like Fishlegs.

Astrid: Fishlegs?! Seriously?!

Heather: What? I think he's funny and cute.

Astrid: We're talking about Fishlegs, right? The guy with the Gronckle?

Heather: Okay, all right. Enough boy talk. What else do you do for fun around here?

[They are now running together.]

Astrid: Keep up!

[They jump off the cliff]

Heather: Aaaaaaaaaaah! [Windshear catches her] Thanks, Windshear!

Astrid: Want to go two out of three?

Heather: No. I want to show you something. If you can keep up.

Astrid: Get 'em, Stormfly!

[Back on Dragon's Edge, Toothless has his nose in Heather's satchel]

Hiccup: Hey, would you knock it off, bud? Okay? Snooping will not gain her trust. [Something falls out] Huh. Wait a minute! That's my dad's Chief seal!

Astrid: What are we doing back at your campsite? You forget something?

Heather: Nope.

Astrid: Stay put, Stormfly. Keep your ears up.

Heather: Oh... It must be here.

Astrid: Are you going to clue me in on what we're doing here? Hello?

Heather: I'm looking for something.

Astrid: Looking for something like... Trader Johann?

[Trader Johann gets pulled out of the bushes]

Trader Johann: Miss Astrid, so nice to see you again. Would you mind, please, lowering you axe so my frightened soul might be granted safe passage back to my body?

Astrid: Ugh.[Removes her axe]

Heather: Johann! Thank Thor.

Trader Johann: Oh. Miss Heather! I'm overjoyed you're not dead. When the Terrible Terror returned with the message I sent, I was sick with worry. Then, when I arrived here and saw your campsite abandoned, I feared the worst!

Astrid: Alright, someone needs to tell me what's going on.

Trader Johann: You see, Miss Astrid, if you need exotic spices from a foreign land, or one-of-a-kind cured leathers, or incredibly difficult to obtain information detailing the exact whereabouts of a certain dastardly Berserker, Trader Johann is your man.

Astrid: Dagur!

Heather: And if you need a warrior to take of that dastardly Berserker...[Does some fancy moves with her axe]... I'm your girl!

Astrid: So he's got the info and you've got the axe. Now what?

Trader Johann: Dagur is set to purchase a fleet of new ships from a group of salty undesirables in the Sea of Despair. But be wary. These new ships for his armada are outfitted with powerful anti-dragon winches and catapults. After the deal is done, I won't be able to find him again. Dagur will be back in the wind. Adrift, like a leaf in a stream...

Astrid: Ugh.

Trader Johann: And I've used my last grapevine, so I won't be able to offer my invaluable, yet expensive information.

Heather: Got it. Thanks, Johann. Come on, Astrid.

Astrid: You're not coming?

Trader Johann: What part of this implies "Rushing into battle on a flying lizard"?

Gobber: Hiccup! From my lips to Odin's ears. I was just saying I could use you and Toothless's help with a pesky flock of wild Nadders that have been driving me batty! Yeah, you heard me, you lousy...

Hiccup: No time, Gobber. I need to see my dad. It's urgent.

Gobber: Oh. In that case, he's in the Great Hall. But it's Berk's gripe day, so there might be a bit of a wait. Uh-huh. Stinky little buggers.

Sven: Stoick, them wees ones of mine are making me crazy! They run all over the house, breaking and wrecking everything. They won't sit still for a minute. I'm exhausted.

Stoick: Ugh. That's because they're sheep, Sven. And they should be kept outise!

Sven: Aw, but they do get so lonely.

Hiccup: Dad.

Stoick: Hiccup!

Hiccup: We really need to talk.

Stoick: Hmm.

Heather: We gotta go now. Dagur won't be out in the open for long.

Fishlegs; Wait a minute. You want us to go into battle with Dagur and the Beserkers without Hiccup and Toothless?

Heather: Guys, I wish Hiccup and Toothless were here, trust me. But they're not. And we can't wait. Dagur's ships are rigged with dragon-proof chains and grappling hooks. And the ships he's buying are even more powerful. But with all of us attacking at once, Dagur won't know what hit him.

Fishlegs: I have to say any aerial assault of this magnitude would be foolish without Toothless. He's the most powerful dragon in our arsenal. But you're still my favorite, girl.

Snotlout: Well, it's not like we need Hiccup and Toothless. But it's nice to know we have a Night Fury when things get hairy.

Heather: You heard Johann, Astrid. This is our last chance. Tell them.

Astrid: Well.. Look, Heather --

'Heather: You too? Just forget it. All that stuff about trust and having my back, I guess that was just talk.

Snotlout: Oh, man! Awkward.

Stoick: Where did you get this?

Hiccup: It's Heather's.

Stoick: Hmm.

Hiccup: She's the girl that stole Stormfly a few years back.

Stoick: Yes. Heather.

Hiccup: Dad, that horn has your chief seal carved into it.

Stoick: It does.

Hiccup: Is there something you need to tell me>

Stoick: When a Chief has a child, Hiccup, that child receives many gifts from all over. Now when you were born, I asked Gobber to make the smallest axe he'd ever imagined. With a handle tiny enough for a baby to grasp. I wanted you to start training the moment you opened you eyes. I thought your mother was going to feed me to the boars.

Hiccup: I remember that axe.

Stoick: Yeah, you used it as a paperweight.

Hiccup: About the horn, Dad, Heather told me her father gave it to her. But it has your seal on it.

Stoick: Hmm.

Hiccup: Dad, is Heather my sister?

Heather: Looks like it just you and me, Windshear... as usual.

Astrid: Hey. If we're gonna do this, it has to be a capture mission, not a kill mission. Agreed?

Heather: Agreed. We'll sink Dagur's armada, and drag him back to Outcast Island. Let him rot there.

Astrid: Okay. Then we're with you.

Snotlout: You can thank me. I was the one who rallied these guys.

Fishlegs: Well, that's not really my recollection.

Snotlout: Quiet, Fishlegs!

Fishlegs: As soon as she left, your lips started to do that cute little quiver thing.

Snotlout: You quiet! That's a tic! It's a tic when I'm about to fight.

Heather: So, what changed your mind?

Astrid: Hiccup. He would never want you to face Dagur alone again. And neither do I.

Heather: Well, I know right where Dagur is.

Astrid: Good. Then you won't need this. Now, Hiccup will be able to find us. So what's you plan?

Heather: Hit him when he least expects it.

Dagur: Ah. It's a good day to strengthen my armada. Then again, it's always a good day to strengthen my armada. What are you laughing at?

Savage: The gold is ready for the exchange, sir. Should we move it to the deck?

Dagur: No, leave it down below.

Savage: But, sir, when they arrive with the ships, they'll be expecting our gold.

Dagur: Yes! And instead of our gold, we'll give them our steel.

Hiccup: Heather? Guys? Where did everyone go? Huh? Oh no.

Heather: There he is.

Tuffnut: Alright, let me guess. You want to attack like the rogue dragon rider that you are. A full frontal assault!

Heather: No. Element of surprise?

One of Dagur's men: Dragons! Incoming!

Dagur: Prepare the grappling hooks! Ready the chains! It's hunting season.

Snotlout: Ah. To high to hit anything!

Fishlegs: We're supposed to divert Dagur's attention and stay high enough to avoid his weaponry.

Snotlout: We got to get lower! I can't-- I said higher! Hookfang, higher!

Dagur: What are they doing up there?

Another of Dagur's men: Ah.

Astrid: Nice surprise face. Yes.

Dagur: What the...

Dagur: What is going on? Oh, come on, already! Oh no! What are you doing? You two?

Heather: Surprise, Dagur.

Astrid: Two axes are better than one.

Dagur: And twelve ships trumps two axes. I should've seen that coming.

Heather: Windshear, finish it!

Astrid: No, Heather, don't! You promised us a capture mission.

Heather: Sorry, Astrid. I changed my mind. Dagur didn't "capture" my village. So this ends here.

Dagur: If you kill me, Heather, you'll never know--

Heather: Save it for the gods. Windshear!

Hiccup: Stop! Heather, stop.

Heather: Move, Hiccup.

Hiccup: You don't understand.

Heather: You promised me there would be another time, and this is it!

Hiccup: Look. You told me your father gave you this.

Heather: He did, but what are you doing?

Hiccup: This is my father's Chief Seal.

Heather: Stoick's steal is carved in my horn? What are you saying?

Hiccup: I'm saying years ago, Stoick gave this horn to the Chief of the Berserker tribe, Oswald the Agreeable, as a gift for his newborn daughter. You were that newborn, Heather. Oswald the Agreeable is your father. And he is also Dagur's father.

Heather: No.

Hiccup: Heather, Dagur is your brother. You can't kill him.

Heather: Astrid.

Astrid: I-- It's the rest of Dagur's ships. Look out!

Hiccup: Heather, we have to go.

Dagur: I have to admit, you never disappoint, brother. Or maybe your actually my uncle. Who knows in this crazy world?

Hiccup: Heather, come on.

Dagur: Heather, I'm the only family you've got left. Join me, sister! Don't fight destiny. I know you feel the Berserker blood flowing through you veins.

Dagur: What are you doing? Come back, sis! "Heather the Unhinged" has a nice ring to it, no? You'll be back and I will welcome you with open arms! We'll have to wait on that reunion. Pity! Huh? What? I really should've seen that one coming, too.

Hiccup: All right, gang, back to the Edge!

Fishlegs: Under the circumstances, I wholeheartedly agree with that plan.

Astrid: Guess you're leaving. Again. I thought you were tired of being alone.

Heather: I am.

Astrid: Then don't be. It's safer here. You have support. And I'm here.

Heather: I know. I just have a lot I need to figure out. Thanks, Astrid. It was nice having a friend again. Let's go girl.

Hiccup: Hey, I know you guys got pretty close. I'm sorry you're losing a friend.

Astrid: But I still have you.

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