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      The Haunted Marshes are a part of the Mainland.


The Haunted Marshes are a part of the Mainland, which itself is located in the Eastern Barbaric Archipelago. The Haunted Marshes themselves are located in the northeastern part of the Mainland.

As the name implies, the Haunted Marshes are very wet. It is very large with two peninsulas. One of the peninsulas is located in the eastern part and is known by the Dragon's Nose. The Haunted Marshes are cut off from the rest of the Mainland by the Gorge of the Thunderbolt of Thor. The Haunted Marshes have never been seen in the book series, only mentioned. Because of this, the exact appearance is a mystery.

Dragon Species

The Haunted Marshes are inhabited by dragon species, mostly Bog Dragons as they are best adapted to its environment. These include the Flying Gator.


  • It is unknown why the Haunted Marshes are considered to be "haunted." Though it is possible that there are Viking legends about ghosts and other otherworldy creatures living here.
    • It is also entirely possible that the odd dragons seen here could've been mistaken for ghosts by Vikings.


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