Harelegs appeared in the Game, How to Train Your Dragon for the Nintendo DS, 360, and Wii.


Injured Dragon

About a year after the defeat of the Red Death, a group of wild dragons on the Isle of Berk attack Harelegs' dragon and injure it, while on Dragon Tooth Mountain. He asks Hiccup or Astrid (depending on who the player chooses to play) for help finding food for the Dragon. Hiccup or Astrid acquire some ham, which the game indicates is the Grapple Grounder's favorite food, indicating that Harelegs' dragon is a Grapple Grounder.

Two days ago, my Dragon was attacked by a pack of wild Dragons. He's been too injured to fly, and really needs some food to heal. Could you help me find some meat?
  — Harelegs  

Later in the game, Gobber reveals to Hiccup or Astrid that the Berk elders planted people asking for help on Dragon Tooth Mountain as a test for the Thors'day Thursday contestants. It is possible Harelegs' dragon isn't actually injured.


  • Please note, there may be variation in roles of minor characters in the game, depending which main character (Hiccup or Astrid) the player chooses to play as.


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