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Harek: "We mustn't be seen. Too dangerous."
Heather: "Dangerous? I don't understand."
Harek: "Heather, I implore you to trust me. There are those who would rather not see a father-daughter reunion."
Heather: "But that makes no sense."[src]

Harek is a minor character that appears in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5 episode, "Sins of the Past".


Soldier in the Dragon Hunter Army

Harek is a member of the Dragon Hunters, and at the time of "Sins of the Past", was under the command of Krogan. Under his direction, Harek posed as a simple man in a tavern at the Northern Markets, with information about Heather's father, Oswald. Lured in, Harek tells lies to Heather about her father and asks her to follow him. Heather realizes the deception at the last minute, when she tricks him into revealing that he never met Oswald.

Dragon Hunter Escapades

I'm tired of falling into these ruddy holes! [src]
  Harek, Dragon Hunter  

During his career as a Dragon Hunter, Harek encountered Bosk Humbangers, perhaps by hunting them. As they are a burrowing hybrid dragon, Harek often found himself stumbling over their holes and ruts.

Physical Appearance

Harek is a solid man with a larger upper body, as most of the Dragon Hunters are portrayed. He wears a helmet with spikes down the center that resembles a Berserker's without the horns, and it obscures any hair he may have. Harek wears a simple dark tunic and wrist bracers, as part of the deception.



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