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The Hare is a rather small mammal mentioned in the game, School of Dragons


Hares (Genus Lepus) are closely related to rabbits and are often confused with them. Generally, hares have longer ears and legs than rabbits, but not exclusively. The young of the hare are also born with open eyes and fur, which contrasts with rabbits. Rabbit babies start out with unopened eyes and no fur.

The Arctic Hare is mentioned specifically in School of Dragons. This hare lives in the tundra of North America, but not Scandinavia, and therefore historical Vikings probably did not encounter this species.


Since Arctic hares live in such a harsh environment, they eat whatever plant life they can find, along with lichens, mosses, and seaweed. Occasionally they may eat Fish or the entrails of Caribou, which would contain partially digested plant matter. In the Franchise, Cabbage and Arctic Willow are mentioned specifically as dietary items for the hare.


Thus far in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, hares have no function other than as a nuisance animal that eats crops. It might be presumed that they are also eaten by humans as in real life, and by extension, dragons.



School of Dragons

Arctic Hares are mentioned in the Icestorm Island Expansion Quest, "Dirty Rotten Thieves". Mildew blames dragons of eating his Cabbage garden. The player must find evidence by following the tracks around his garden. The player finds an arctic hare is the culprit.

Hares are also mentioned in the quest "Speed Stinger Safari". When Hiccup wonders what do Speed Stingers hunt, the player finds hare footprints.

They look like rabbit footprints. Arctic hares must live here among the trees.
  — Hiccup seeing the footprints  

Hares are also mentioned on the description of the Arctic Willow in the Store: "Hares love to nibble on sweet Arctic Willow".

There is a creature that is most likely an Arctic Hare (due to environment) that lives on Scuttleclaw Island. It is being stalked by a baby Scuttleclaw.

Other Mentions

One of the characters seen in this How to Train Your Dragon (game) is named Harelegs.



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