Good choice! The Happy Snoggletog is a Thorston Special. You get your wrapped present from your sister. You shake it to see what it could be, and you get excited because it has the right weight for an axe or a cool Viking helmet. You open it - and poof! A box of rocks.
  Tuffnut Thorston  

The Happy Snoggletog is a Snoggletog prank that is commonly pulled by Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston.


Ruffnut played this trick on Tuffnut over several Snoggletog celebrations on Berk.

The Twins later suggested the prank as a way to trap the treacherous Harald Forkbeard. They came up with a version of the prank in which rocks with the same amount of weight as the telescope on Dragon's Edge were placed in a ransom crate to fool Harald into opening it, which would trigger a trap of Flightmare mist to paralyze him. This trick would prove to be a success, with Harald being trapped at the ransom spot on Hobblegrunt Island.


During the prank, the prankster places rocks that weigh the same as the expected present into a wrapped box, which is then given to the recipient. The recipient, thinking that they are about to open the expected present due to the weight, opens the present and discovers that it is only a box of rocks.


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