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You see, Rescue Riders, when you put all the right ingredients together, that's when you create the strongest metal. [src]
  — Hannahr sharing her wisdom  

Hannahr is a female character appearing in the series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Getting along with Dragons

Two twin humans and a quartet of dragons move to Huttsgalor in "The Nest". Chief Duggard the Decisive introduces them to Hannahr, but questions her why she isn't working to repair the village which was recently damaged in a storm. She relates that her forge fire has gone out and the firewood is too wet to light it back up. Upon hearing that, the Rescue Riders light her forge back up in no time with the dragons' abilities. As a thanks, Hannahr crafts a saddle for Winger. Later, she finds the kidnapped town sheep, Haggis, and reveals Magnus Finke's deception attempting to discredit the dragons.

When the town's metal tools start falling apart in "Heavy Metal", Duggard calls upon Hannahr to fix things. She is not able to, as she has run out of Belzium, something she uses to mix with iron to make it stronger. Duggard asks the Rescue Riders to find some, and Magnus tries to find it first. After everyone finds Belzium, a boulder of the mineral rolls out-of-control toward the village. As it heads straight for her and Duggard, they hug each other in fear. The Riders divert the boulder in the nick of time, and the two jump away from each other, embarrassed. Ultimately, the Riders get a large boulder of Belzium right in front of Hannahr's smithy.

Between "Home Alone" and "Slobber Power", Hannahr created a Spike Sharpener for Cutter and gave it to him as a gift.

Hannahr has her blacksmith work interrupted by the sudden deafening screams of the Baby Shriekscales, in "Grumblegard, Part 1".

In "Grumblegard, Part 2", Hannahr stood up for the Rescue Riders after Grumblegard attacked Huttsgalor. The Riders thought that it was best for them to leave the island to protect its people. However, Hannahr, along with Duggard and Elbone, tried to persuade the Riders to stay, offering to help fight Grumblegard with the village's weapons.

New Adventures

Prior to the episode "Double Finked", Hannahr made a pair of elastic ropes, dubbed the Rescue Vines, for the Rescue Riders.

In "Divewings", Elbone took a large pile of scrap metal to Hannahr, so that she could re-use it and turn it into new objects.

In "Mecha-Menace", Hannahr, along with the rest of the villagers, watched Haggis see his shadow, meaning that spring had officially begun.

In "Puff Enuf", Hannahr was working in her Blacksmith Shop while the Rescue Riders were giving Zeppla a tour of the village.

In "High Anxiety", Hannahr reinforced the bridge from the Roost by adding metal pieces underneath it. Later, the Rescue Riders asked Hannahr for help with making a metal splint for Mama Ironclaw's wing. The blacksmith was more than happy to help, but had to refuse as she was afraid of heights. She taught Dak how to do it, but unfortunately it didn't work. She crawled inside a barrel and let Winger fly her to the top of a mountain. She managed to build Belzium splinters just before Mama Ironclaw fell off a cliff, despite her fear of heights. However, she was terrified by the experience and was taken to her Blacksmith Shop by the Rescue Riders.

In "Game of Horns", Hannahr witnessed Duggard announce the beginning of the Festival of Festivals. She explained to the Rescue Riders what the competition of Game of Horns imposed and was asked by Duggard to be the referee. She accepted and administered the event according to the rules. When the competition was over and Duggard became the winner, Hannahr crowned him as the Chief of Huttsgalor and cheered for him along with the rest of the village.

Hypnotised by a Songwing

When Melodia came to Huttsgalor, looking to make humans sing along with her, Hannahr was among the people she hypnotised. The woman started singing and dancing, following the dragon everywhere. e was later freed alongside the rest of the villagers by Leyla, who managed to sing more beautifully than Melodia.

Physical Appearance

Hannahr has blond hair parted into two braids behind her shoulders, and blue eyes. She wears a purple dragon scale apron over a cream colored short sleeved tunic, brown leggings, and brown boots. She also wears brown leather wrist guards and leather straps around her upper arms. Around her waist is a brown leather belt with a silver anvil-embedded buckle, and a small pouch attached on the left side.


Hannahr is very helpful and quick to show appreciation when someone helps her. She also has a dry sense of humor that many take for seriousness. Hannahr suffers from acrophobia (fear of heights), but she is still willing to help those in need, despite her drawback.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

Trade Skills: Hannahr is an accomplished blacksmith, serving the entire town of Huttsgalor on her own. In addition to smithy work, she is also able to smelt iron - including additives (Belzium) to increase the strength and durability. Hannahr can also do excellent leatherwork, as she is able to create Saddles for Winger and Summer.


Duggard the Decisive

Hannahr's and Duggard's relationship is mainly a friendly boss-employee type relationship. However, there is a moment the two share holding each other from a common fear, then look away in embarrassment, in "Heavy Metal".


Hannahr makes Dak a saddle for Winger as a "Thank you" for helping her out. She's sad to see the Rescue Riders go, and then happy when she learns they will be staying at Huttsgalor after all. In "High Anxiety", Dak helps Hannahr to fix their bridge and make its wooden planks dragon proof, and feeling proud of helping Hannahr Dak gets into blacksmithing.


Hannahr is happy to talk with Leyla at length when she seeks out her wisdom on subjects she is familiar with, such as the properties and locations of Belzium.

Dragons of the Rescue Riders

Hannahr seems to be attentive to the dragons' needs, even though she doesn't understand dragon speech. She makes a Saddle for Dak, but pays attention to the needs of Winger, who will be wearing it. She also makes a sharpener for Cutter, so he can file his spikes and claws, which are important parts for a Relentless Razorwing.



  • The episode "High Anxiety" reveals that Hannahr has acrophobia (the fear of heights). 

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