The Hammerhead is a Viking longship seen in How to Be a Pirate - Book 2 of the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


The Hammerhead is a "small sleek" Viking war ship which appears to be able to hold many soldiers. Originally it was equipped with an Outcast sail, sporting a skull and crossbones motif. The figurehead appears to be a hammer. The middle has a striped tented covering.

A boat named the Hammerhead with a sail curved like a shark's fin and a red skull and crossbones painted on the side. A boat packed with OUTCASTS.
  — Book 2  


The Hammerhead belonged to the Outcast Tribe and was presumably built by them. However, it was used to ambush the Hairy Hooligans' ship the Lucky Thirteen, after returning from the Isle of the Skullions and successfully recovering the lost treasure chest of Grimbeard the Ghastly. This ambush had been previously arranged by Alvin the poor-but-honest farmer, who was actually the chief of the Outcasts. The Outcasts and Hooligans battle, during which the Lucky Thirteen catches fires and sinks. The Hooligans win the battle and take over the Hammerhead, claiming it for themselves and taking the Outcasts prisoners, though they release them later on.


How to Be a Pirate

The Hammerhead is a longship from the Outcast Tribe, that was won during a battle by the Hairy Hooligans.

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