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That is Hamish the First. He was our richest and most revered leader, and his son, Hamish the Second. [src]
  Fishlegs looking at the chief portraits  

Hamish I was a Hooligan chieftain mentioned in the episode "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man". Fishlegs claims he was the most successful chief in the history of Berk, establishing a large and fabulous treasury. He was also the father of Hamish II.


Reign over Berk

Hamish I, as all chieftains do, had a painting done with his son, Hamish II. Their portrait was then hung in the Great Hall, but as Hamish II did not fit the expected appearance and stature of a chief's son, the painter altered his appearance to be much burlier and muscular. Hamish I probably instructed the artists to do so.

He was also said to be the most successful chief of Berk, accumulating a large fortune and eventually handing it over to his son.

Hamish the First is mentioned in a Dragons: Rise of Berk Gauntlet activity for December 2017. In it, Hiccup mentions that his father Stoick was obsessed with finding Hamish's riches.




  • According to the paintings in the Great Hall and the drawing at the end of Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man, Hamish I was actually the first chief of Berk who had his portrait taken, as well as having been Hiccup's great-great-great-great-grandfather.


    • An animation error in one scene even shows Hamish's real portrait (seen above) clipping through the portrait of the blonde chief, who was otherwise identified as 'Hamish'. This confirms that while the riddles leading to the treasure were based on the blonde chief's portrait, Hamish is truly the first chief on the wall.
  • Hamish I has a few similarites with Grimbeard the Ghastly.
    • Both were very successful Hooligan leaders.
    • Both accumulated a vast treasure over their lifetimes that were hidden and to be found in the future.
    • One contrast is that Hamish I's son, Hamish II hid his treasure, while Grimbeard hid his treasure himself.


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