That is Hamish the First. He was our richest and most revered leader, and his son, Hamish the Second. [src]
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Hamish I was a Hooligan chieftain mentioned in the episode "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man". Fishlegs claims he was the most successful chief in the history of Berk, establishing a large and fabulous treasury. He was also the father of Hamish II.


Reign over Berk

Hamish I, as all chieftains do, had a painting done with his son, Hamish II. Their painting on a shield was then placed in the Great Hall, but as Hamish II did not fit the expected appearance and stature of a chief's son the painting depicted him as a much burlier boy. Hamish I probably instructed the artists to do so.

He was also said to be the most successful chief on Berk, accumulating a large fortune and eventually handing it over to his son.

Hamish the First is mentioned in a Dragons: Rise of Berk Gauntlet activity for December 2017. In it, Hiccup mentions that his father Stoick was obsessed with finding Hamish's riches.



  • Hamish I has a few similarites with Grimbeard the Ghastly.
    • Both were very successful Hooligan leaders.
    • Both accumulated a vast treasure over their lifetimes that were hidden and to be found in the future.
    • One contrast is that Hamish I's son, Hamish II hid his treasure, while Grimbeard hid his treasure himself.


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