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The Hairy Scary Librarian is the librarian of the Meathead Public Library and is first mentioned in How to Train Your Dragon.


Elder Huddle

The Hairy Scary Librarian is considered an Elder amongst the Meathead Tribe. As such, at a Thor'sday Thursday celebration when the Viking Initiates' dragon run amok, he was included in an Elder Huddle to decide their fate. Since the initiates failed to demonstrate control over their dragons, the Elder Huddle decided to exile all of them.

The next day, after Stoick convened a Council of War to address the arrival of the Green Death on Long Beach, the Hairy Scary Librarian is present. Gobber's escapade of stealing the How to Train Your Dragon Book from the Meathead Public Library comes up in conversation. Stoick calls him a "wimpy" librarian, to which the Hairy Scary Librarian blushed with embarrassment.

The Hairy Scary Librarian blushed a delicate pink and shook in his size eighteen shoes.
  — Book 1  

The Thing

The Hairy Scary Librarian is the referee of the competitions at the Thing, as seen in How to Twist a Dragon's Tale.

Librarian Duties

The Hairy Scary Librarian is the librarian of the library, full of banished books, in A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons. He was famous for using his Heartslicers to cut anyone who was caught in his Library. He fought Hiccup and Camicazi in a sword fighting duel. Fishlegs whacked him with a book of Swordfighting with Style, causing the Librarian to fall in a group of Red Hot Itchyworms. He flees, laughing hysterically and is not seen again until the end of the book. At the end of the book, he threatens to shoot Stoick the Vast and Big-Boobied Bertha with a Northbow arrow. He fires, but the arrow only hit a book Stoick was carrying, Hiccup's Stealth Dragon squashed the Librarian flat. The Murderous Tribe is tricked that he stole their Stealth Dragon. He is taken to the Uglithug Slavelands, and Madguts the Murderous took his Heartslicers when he captured him.

Physical Appearance

He is an old man with a beard so long he could wipe his feet with it, and so it is usually tucked into his belt. He also owns a small arsenal of weapons, including Heart-Slicer swords, axes, and a Northbow. He is mentioned as having "size eighteen shoes" in How to Train Your Dragon.


The Hairy Scary Librarian is a skilled swordsman due to being a Flash master, who are said to be almost impossible to beat.


  • The hairy scary librarian may know a little Dragonese due to the fact that he speaks a few words in Dragonese (example "grubwasher").

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