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This is the page for the animal character. You may be looking for the human character.

He's won Best in Show at the All Islands Viking Sheep Festival four years running. [src]
  Duggard the Decisive  

Haggis is a recurring sheep character appearing in the series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Greeting New Friends

Haggis meets some new friends in the episode, "The Nest", four of which are dragons. He helps them be accepted into the town of Huttsgalor by trotting up to Burple and exchanging friendly licks. Later, the human Magnus Finke tried to frame the dragons by kidnapping Haggis and then blaming his disappearance on the dragons, claiming they ate him.

An invisible force tries to steal Haggis during Hoogenboo in "Boo to You", lifting him into the air. Burple stops the intruder and both run back into The Roost cavern to escape.

Burple mentions he counts 'Haggises' jumping over his head to fall asleep in "Heavy Metal".

Haggis somehow gets himself into a precarious position, hanging off a cliff by a branch, in "Iced Out". Summer shoots a blast of water from below and pushes him back to the top of the cliff.

In "Bad Egg", Magnus harnessed Haggis to his Magnus' Finke 3000 Super Driller Extraordinaire in order to pull it. Magnus used an Apple on a stick to lure him along.

Cutter tries to pawn off a newly hatched Slobber Smelter onto Haggis to take care of, when the little dragon imprints on him in "Slobber Power".

When two fun-loving Fire Furies visit the Roost in "Furious Fun", Haggis joins in the revelry. The next morning he snoozes the day away atop of discarded fish bones.

In "Grumblegard, Part 2", Haggis is blown off his feet by Grumblegard's wind blasts, but he is quickly caught by Duggard the Decisive, who puts him to safety.

Further Adventures with the Rescue Riders

In "Mechano-Dragon", Haggis was hiding in a tent, while the entire village was waiting for him to see his shadow, which would mean the beginning of Spring. However, Haggis refused to exit the tent, which made Dak pick up the tent, so that the sheep would be in the open. Haggis then noticed his shadow and started running in circles, afraid of it. Dak quickly covered Haggis with the tent, which calmed the sheep down. Later that night, Haggis watched alongside Duggard the firework show made by the Rescue Riders. The sheep briefly saw his shadow again and jumped on the chief. Duggard calmed him down by pettiing him gently.

In a flashback during "Summer Holiday", Haggis fell into the water and Finngard Borgomon jumped after him in order to rescue the sheep. However, he failed, and the Rescue Riders had to drag both of them out of the water.

In "Treasure Riders", Summer filled up a water trough for Haggis and two other sheep. He thankfully drank the water.

In "Puff Enuf", Haggis climbed several ladders in order to reach a box full of apples. He slipped and fell, but fortunately was caught by Winger before he could sink into the water. Dak then gave him an apple and the sheep went away happily.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Magnus built an improved Mechano-Dragon and was looking for someone to be rescued. He asked the whereabouts of Haggis, who sneaked up on the man and bleated in his ear. Magnus jumped away scared, almost felling into a well.

In "High Anxiety", Haggis was posing for a sculpture, when a baby Silver-tailed Ironclaw jumped on his back. The sheep ran around the village, scared, until the hatchling got off his back.

In "Charged Up", Haggis wandered into Boiling Springs Valley, but was sent back to the village by Burple. Later, he admired a sculpture of himself made by Duggard, when he was suddenly interrupted by a rampaging Mechano-Dragon. Haggis found safety in the forest, and after the machine was destroyed, the sheep rammed into it to make sure it doesn't power up again.

In "Belly Flop", Haggis ate the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise Dak had hidden under a bucket, prompting the boy to recreate the dish. After several failed attempts, he made Haggis his test subject, but the sheep spit out the horrible food and ran away from the Roost.

In "Game of Horns", Haggis was present at the opening of the Festival of Festivals, alongside the rest of the villagers. Later, the sheep posed for the sculpting event during the Game of Horns.

Physical Appearance

Haggis is a standard white-wooled sheep with a grey face and small black curling horns. He also has narrow aqua-colored irises.


Haggis is a very out-going sheep, and easily accepts strangers, even dragon ones.



  • Haggis is the name of a Scottish pudding dish made from certain organs of sheep, mixed with oatmeal, suet, and spices, then stuffed into the animal's stomach and cooked.

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