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This is the page for the building on New Berk. You may be looking for the Haddock House on Old Berk.

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This is the page for the building. You may be looking for the family.

The Haddock House is the domicile of the Haddock Family on New Berk and appeared first in How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming.



The Haddock house on New Berk is at least two stories high. The bottom floor contains a large open space with a vaulted ceiling. There is a large hearth with a mantle on the right wall. There is a bear skin rug on the floor in front of the hearth, and two wooden benches, which are draped with other furred hides. Two windows gird the chimney. A tapestry of Toothless hangs above the fireplace. A curtain is available to pull across the entry to this living area.

Opposite the front door is another door, though it's unknown what is beyond it. Another curtain is available to close in front of this door and what appears to be a hallway to the left. Snoggletog Log suggests the kitchen is down this hallway. Directly to the left of the front door are a table and chairs with dishes and books piled on them. More tapestries of Stormfly and Barf and Belch hang on the wall. Directly to the right and to the right of the living area appears to be a small storage room with a loft above it.

large weaved rugs are on the floor in the entry way. A few of the childrens' toys are scattered on the floor, including a barrel fashioned into "rocking dragon". A number of candles are displayed on shelving and posted on the walls. And it is mentioned that the house has an attic.


The house is secluded on the side of the village and is surrounded by trees. The exterior is a stylized and rounded A-frame type house. There is a wooden porch with steps leading to the front door. The house is decorated and painted with dragon motifs as well as braid and diamond patterns.



The Haddock House is used by the Haddock family as means of shelter from the weather, a place to sleep, and store their items.


How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Inside the Haddock House, Hiccup tells his son, Nuffink, a story about dragons. He then exits the house, where his daughter, Zephyr, designed booby traps for dragons to protect the house. She then explains to her parents that she found the Dragon Manual, and learned the truth about dragons, that they are monsters. She then gets out of the house with her brother and begins building more traps.

Hiccup and Astrid make a fire just outside the house and discuss their children. Astrid comes with the idea of making a Snoggletog Pageant for the children and show them how Vikings and dragons lived together. Hiccup agrees and starts to work on the plan, while Zephyr and Nuffink test the booby traps.

After the Pageant, the Haddock family returns home, only to find a green glowing structure (made by Toothless and the Light Fury). They discover that the fish bowl they left for Toothless was empty, so they look outside, only to see Toothless and his family flying away in the night.


  • The large house that's prominent during the wedding scene in the third film has both carved Night Fury and Deadly Nadder figurines on it, strongly suggesting it's meant to be Hiccup and Astrid's house now that they're married. The game School of Dragons shows the same house as an important building on New Berk, though has yet to confirm what its purpose is. So it's very possible this was meant to be the Haddock House on New Berk, and the exterior design in Homecoming is an inconsistency.

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