Oohhh no no no. That's the Foreverwing, Guardian of the Forest... And she does NOT look happy. [src]
  Fishlegs Ingerman  

Guardian of the Forest is a Foreverwing that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Skirmish with Fishlegs

I can't believe we're doing this. We need to incapacitate her NOW! She could rampage all the way to Berk, where she'll get hurt. [src]
  Fishlegs Ingerman  

While pursuing Maeve, Fishlegs goes to the Drenchwood Forest, where he accidentally encounters Guardian of the Forest. Fearing that she could rampage through the forest and go to Berk, Fishlegs decides to stun the giant dragon, so that she could calm down. He then asks the player to fight the Foreverwing, using his/her dragons.

After the battle, Fishlegs decides to return to Berk, still recovering from the experience. He decides to tell Hiccup of Guardian of the Forest's behavior, stating that it was not normal for the dragon to act that way. The player then leaves the location too.

Poisoned Again

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Physical Appearance

Guardian of the Forest is pale brown, with white shades on her head. She has green tree-like spikes and dark green wings.



  • Titan Uprising's Narrative Designer stated that Guardian of the Forest could be one of the Foreverwings found on Nepenthe, as it was never stated what happened to the dragons after the events of The Serpent's Heir.[1]



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