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Gobber: "Look at that big guy."
Snotlout: "Ugliest dragon I've ever seen."
Gobber: "I think he's magnificent."
Snotlout: "Of course you do."[src]
  — Gobber and Snotlout meeting Grump for the first time  

Grump is Gobber the Belch's Hotburple who first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Official Description

A perfect match for Gobber... when awake. Grump is so lazy, he falls asleep everywhere. In Gobber’s stall. While eating. While flying...
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
Gobber the Belch discovered Grump while disguised as Snotlout's valet during an undercover mission to Viggo Grimborn's Dragon Hunter camp. The 'Lazy Beast' bore the ridicule of everyone in the camp, who believed that Grump was not worthy of any task more complicated than eating garbage. Gobber looked hard at the beast and found love.

Without a doubt, Grump is the single laziest Dragon to ever grace the Barbaric Archipelago. The only thing separating him from the decorative Dragon busts on Viking homes is the fact that he works with Gobber in the blacksmith forge. From time to time, he will wake from one of his many naps to clear away rocks from Gobber's workplace or bring the forge to temperature. Grump is so lazy that he, at times, has fallen asleep mid-flight.

That said, Thor help you if you anger Grump by attacking his friends or fellow Berkians-it might be the last thing you ever do. With his massive tail bludgeon, powerful jaws, and rocky hide, an enraged Grump is a formidable and honored member of Berk's Auxiliary Riders.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


Meeting Gobber

Gobber: "Do you auction off the ugly, fat one as well?"
Ryker: "Who would buy him? Besides, he eats all the scrap iron and is the only dragon that can bite through a dragon-proof cage. Personally, I'd just as soon skin him and eat him. That fat would be tasty on toast squares with some yak butter. Eh, Grump? But Viggo likes having him around. Says there's a use for everyone."[src]

In "Last Auction Heroes", Grump used to serve as Viggo's personal garbage disposal, eating all the scrap metal and iron at the dragon auctions on Dragon Hunter Island until he met Gobber. He was taunted and mistreated by every man on the island, especially Ryker, who believed that he'd be more useful as food. But Gobber was quite taken with the large and ungainly dragon, showing Grump some respect for the first time in his life. He asked Ryker if Grump would be auctioned off as well, possibly hoping on bidding for him with Berk's gold. His true strength and potential are revealed when he hears the rocks Gobber throws as a signal for help and takes out two underestimating guards. He then frees Gobber and the Dragon Riders from a dragon-proof cage by simply biting the door of their cell right off its hinges. He and Gobber then join the other riders as they fly home to Berk.

Attack on the Dragon Hunters

Grump and Gobber join the Auxiliary Riders in helping Hiccup take Viggo's base and recover the Dragon Eye in "Shell Shocked, Part 1".

War with the Dragon Flyers

Come on. Get over here, you lazy beast! Where ya goin'? I'm over here! [src]
  — Gobber  

Grump doesn't appear in "The Wings of War, Part 1", but is mentioned by Stoick who calls him "lazy". Gobber is quick to come to the dragon’s defense, saying Grump is not lazy, only cautious.

Grump accompanies the Berk Fleet to Dragon's Edge to take it back from the Dragon Flyers in "The Wings of War, Part 2", though his only real action during the battle is to briefly take off before landing again on top of Gobber.

Transporting kids and saving Skullcrusher

Hold on tight, little ones. Grump is known for his hard landings. [src]
  — Gobber  

Grump helps Gobber in taking the Dragon Explorers to Dragon's Edge in "Loyal Order of Ingerman", giving the children a thrilling ride before returning to Berk with his rider.

Grump, Gobber, Kingstail, Spitelout, Fanghook, and Gustav rush in to rescue Stoick and Skullcrusher after the two were ambushed by Dragon Flyers in "Darkest Night". Grump ward off some of the Flyers with his lava blast before carrying Skullcrusher back to Berk. He eventually appears in Fishlegs' vision of a peaceful Berk, happily running alongside an enlightened Gobber.

Battle at Valka's Mountain

Oh, give me a cuddle, Grumpy! [src]
  — Gobber  

For the next couple of years, he worked alongside Gobber in his Blacksmith Shop, keeping the forge lit with his fire. He and Gobber also accompanied Stoick and the other Riders on their search for Hiccup and Toothless, and pins Eret to the deck of his ship when they're found. When Hiccup flies off again, he accompanies Stoick and Skullcrusher to chase them down, later finding them in Valka's Mountain with Valka. He hangs out with Gobber, Hiccup, and Toothless, eating Valka's "bad" cooking, while Valka and Stoick dance.

In the battle against Drago, Grump uses his tail bludgeon to bowl through Drago's men and knocking them out. But he eventually becomes incapacitated, leaving Gobber to continue the fight on foot. Grump is taken control of by Drago's Bewilderbeast alongside all the other dragons but is one of the first to snap out of it and join Toothless in defending Berk and its people. After Drago is defeated, Gobber is excited to be reunited with his dragon and tells Grump "Give me a cuddle, Grumpy!", to which Grump happily flies in and pins Gobber to the ground.

Woken up by Bonesnarl

Gru-ump! Oh, Grumpy! Time to light the forge! [src]
  — Gobber  

Grump is seen sleeping in Gobber's blacksmith, refusing to wake up when Gobber asks him to light the forge. Bonesnarl then comes and roars at Grump, startling him. He then fires a full blast at the forge.

Fighting Silkspanners and Dragonvine

Vacation's over, Grump! [src]
  — Gobber  

While the Dragon Riders and other dragons fought off frenzied Silkspanners, Grump mostly slept. He transported Gobber first to Dragonvine Island where dragonvine threatened a group of farmers, then again back to the island with Silkspanners to investigate. Grump napped as Toothless became poisoned from dragonvine, then healed by baby Silkspanners. He then transported Gobber back to Dragonvine Island.

Running from Gobber's Smell

After Gobber is forced to take a bath, Grump runs away because of his flowery smell. The player is asked to search for him and he/she finds him on a sea stack near Berk.

Rebuilding Havenholme

Grump accompanies Gobber during their time in rebuilding Havenholme as well as in their journey to Vanaheim when Patch grows weak from his accelerated growth.

Battle against Grimmel the Grisly

Grump is first seen flying with all the other Berkians to find the Hidden World after the ruthless dragon hunter Grimmel the Grisly threatens to destroy Berk. Eventually, they settle on an island that the Hooligan Tribe sees as an ideal new home, calling it New Berk.

When Toothless and the Unnamed Light Fury are captured by Grimmel, Grump and all of Berk's dragons rush in to rescue their Alpha, but Toothless orders them to back down to ensure his mate's safety. Grump and the other dragons forced to enter cages on the Warlords' ship until the Dragon Riders come to their rescue. Toothless then tells Grump, Skullcrusher, and Cloudjumper to pick up their riders before returning to fight off the armada.

After Grimmel was defeated, the Vikings realize that the only way to live in peace is by releasing their dragons. Grump bids farewell to Gobber and flies off to the Hidden World with all the other dragons.

Physical Appearance

Grump's body is covered in copper and grey scales. He has a glazed expression on his face as if he's always half-asleep, which might be true.

Personality and Behavior

Grump ain't lazy. He's cautious. There's a difference. [src]
  — Gobber  

Grump is extremely lazy and whatever time he doesn't spend sleeping, he spends eating. However, he is also incredibly loyal to his rider and would do anything to help him. Unfortunately, he tends to take Gobber's commands very slowly. When Grump was living with the Dragon Hunters, he suffered great mistreatment and was afraid to stand up to them. It was only when he saw the captured Gobber that he finally stood up to his enslavers. Although Gobber often complains about Grump (very hypocritically), they are still the best of friends and partners.

Abilities and Skills

As a Hotburple, Grump has many abilities much like those of a Gronckle.

  • Tail Bludgeon: Grump is shown to be able to use his lumpy tail as a powerful melee weapon. He is very talented at this, as he can do it while he's asleep, airborne, carrying Gobber, or any combination of the three.
  • Combat and Strength: Despite his sluggish behavior, Grump is a very strong dragon and can become a fearsome adversary when he needs to be. He could ram and knock Dragon Hunters down with little effort, carry multiple humans on his back, and he can singlehandedly carry Skullcrusher, a dragon larger than himself, with his claws while carrying Gobber on his back simultaneously.
  • Jaw Strength: As Ryker stated in "Last Auction Heroes", Grump's species is the only one strong enough to bite through dragon-proof bars. This also comes in handy when he's eating scrap iron.
  • Intelligence: Despite being underestimated by the Hunters because he's fat and lazy, Grump was able to understand Gobber's plea for help as well as his command to attack the two guards.
  • Lava Blast: Grump can blast lava from his mouth. He uses this ability both in combat and in lighting up Gobber's forge (and letting it explode).

In-game Statistics



  • The bludgeon on the tip of Grump's tail and Gobber's new, mace-like, hammer-shaped, artificial arm strongly resemble each other.
  • Grump's laziness is similar to Garfield the Cat's own laziness.
  • Grump is the only dragon to have a name before meeting his rider. ("Last Auction Heroes")
  • In some merchandise, Grump is mistakenly labeled as a Rumblehorn rather than a Hotburple.
  • In McDonald's Happy Meal from the Philippines, Grump was mislabeled as Gobber.

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