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Leyla: "Maybe if we work together, we can fix this."
Dak: "All right, then, first thing tomorrow, Grumblegard, we're gonna get your island back."

"Grumblegard, Part 2" is the fourteenth and final episode of the first season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on September 27, 2019.


The Rescue Riders plan to team up with the Slinkwings when an angry Grumblegard threatens Huttsgalor. But their old enemies may be up to new tricks.

Major Events


Grumblegard followed Dak and the others back to The Roost and Huttsgalor, since they stole from his island. He damaged the town with his wind attacks, then gave the Rescue Riders the ultimatum of leaving Huttsgalor or see him blow the island into the sea. Magnus Finke heard Leyla talking about this, and riled the townspeople up against the Riders. The Riders returned to the Roost and at first thought about leaving to protect the island. However, Elbone, Hannahr, and Duggard the Decisive stopped in to tell them that they have their full support. Dak finally came up with the idea to ask the three Slinkwings - Lurke, Vizza, and Snoop - for help. The Riders went into the woods on Huttsgalor to find them. At first the Slinkwings shot their slime at them and laughed at their request for help, but when Lurke heard them mention Grumblegard, he agreed to help.

Later that day, Grumblegard returned to Huttsgalor. The Riders challenged and attacked him. The Slinkwings appeared and covered Grumblegard's mouth and wings with their sticky slime, grounding him. They immediately announced that they were taking over Grumblegard's Island, effectively double-crossing the Riders.

The Riders eventually befriend Grumblegard and decide to help him reclaim his island. They all flew to Hazard Island, only to discover the the Slinkwing consumed plants that strengthened their slime, and therefore were able to reinforce the main cave. The Rescue Riders tried to fight the dragons, but they all got shot out of the sky, except for Winger. Grumblegard tricked the young dragon into believing that a tree root helped him gain his Megablast ability. Winger managed to blast open the cave with his new power and Grumblegard used his wind blast to blow the Slinkwings off the island.

The Rescue Riders returned to Huttsgalor, only to find out that Grumblegard had followed them. Seeing how the baby dragons liked to be around the old dragons, Leyla and Dak asked Grumblegard to take them to his island. He accepted, as he was also very fond of the hatchlings. They bid farewell to each other, and Grumblegard took of with the babies, while the Rescue Riders stared at them with joy.





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