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Grumblegard is an old male Foreverhorn dragon who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Meeting the Rescue Riders

A human and three juvenile dragons invade Grumblegard's Island in "Grumblegard, Part 1". He tried to blow them away with his wind attack, but when they continued to try, he verbally told them he was not interested in their reasons for trespassing and to leave. They persisted, and tried to trick him by pretending to leave, but leaving the human behind. He caught them, and blew them away again. The Swiftwing blew down a pile of rocks on top of him and escaped. Grumblegard vowed that the group had made enemies of him.

In "Grumblegard, Part 2", Grumblegard flies to Huttsgalor and used his wind attacks to damage the village. He gave the Rescue Riders an ultimatum: leave the island or he would return and blow it into the sea. Close to evening, Grumblegard returns and found the Riders still in residence. However, they attack him along with three Slinkwings. The Slinkwing slime bound his wings and mouth shut and he became grounded. The Slinkwings double-cross the Riders, and fly off to take over Grumblegard's Island. On the ground, Grumblegard agreed not to use his wind attack if the Riders would remove the slime from his mouth. The Riders explain that they were only trying to get food for baby dragons. Those baby dragons pour out of The Roost, and start to climb all over Grumblegard. He admits he was wrong for not the Riders initially had to say. The next morning, the Riders and Grumblegard flew to Grumblegard's Island to reclaim it. The Slinkwings had made a fortress of rock and hard slime that was nearly impenetrable, even by his wind blasts. Grumblegard then told the young Swiftwing, Winger, to take a bite of Wonderwood root, to bolster his energy for a 'mega blast', The young dragon does so, and successfully creates a Mega Blast that destroyed the Slinkwing's cave. Later Grumblegard admitted that the Wonderwood did nothing but allow Winger to have confidence. The Riders returned to the Roost, but Grumblegard soon followed with more supplies for the baby dragons. Due to his vast knowledge, food supplies, and defensible home, the Riders ask him to take over care of the babies at his island. Grumblegard agrees.

Adopting a New Hatchling

After a Roaming Ramblefang hatched on Huttsgalor in "Double Finked", the Rescue Riders brought it to Grumblegard so that he could take care of the baby.

Advice for the Rescue Riders

He meets Rescue Riders again when they ask if they can borrow the Baby Shriekscales, to help defeat Melodia a Songwing dragon. To which the elderly dragon found strange being aware that Songwing dragons live in pairs catching onto their plan, Grumblegard allows them to take the baby dragons wishing them luck. Later, he felt hunch that the Rescue Riders plan wasn't going to work and his feelings were correct when found the remaining riders in the Maze Caves, coming to collect the baby dragons but not before leaving he told them of the proper way to defeat a Songwing is with another one or they'd have to find someone who could sing more beautifully.

Celebrating Odinyule

Due to Finngard wanting a baby dragon for Odinyule the Rescue riders are reminded of Grumblegard. While on his island he helps the baby dragons practice their flying skills until the riders ask him and babies to come to Odinyule. However Grumblegard being the one who hates the cold declines and has the young ones resume practicing. When the riders returned to his island the elderly dragon was asked to watch over 3 baby Chillblaster dragons they saved from a wolf attack with Finngard until they find the Chillblaster parent before the riders leave he gives them a clue about following the ice to find an ice dragon. And yet, he becomes annoyed with Finngard's and the baby dragons caroling.

Sometime later, Grumblegard is having a hard time getting the baby ice dragons out of his den upon seeing the rescue riders return to the island for a third time he is relieved they came to take the baby dragons. Noticing that Dak and the others weren't here he finds out that the others are trying to free Elbone's boat from ice but was uninterested. After the riders left he found a snow dragon made by Finngard and the baby ice dragons that looked like him as he smiled to himself.

Noticing that the rescue riders were having a hard time getting Elbone's boat out of the ice, by using his wind breath and blast Grumblegard was able to free the ship wishing the team a happy Odinyule. Afterwards he arrives in Huttsgalor with the babies to have them celebrate the winter holiday but at Leyla's convincing he joins in the festivities.

Physical Appearance

Grumblegard is a large dragon with a burnt orange back that shades into a greenish-cream shade, and finally into a light cream on his underside. He has some white tendrils on his back jaw that have the impression of beard scruff. Grumblegard's legs are socked in a sea foam green color, as well as his wing bones. His hide is somewhat grooved and wrinkly - it is unknown if this is characteristic of his species or a sign of great age. He also has some holes in his wing membranes, which are presumably from wear and tear through his life.


Something of a cantankerous old-timer, Grumblegard was initially a very territorial dragon who absolutely refused to allow anyone on his island, whether or not they came in peace, whether they were dragons or humans. He was uninterested in the Rescue Riders' reason for coming to his island (to acquire a specific food for some baby dragons) and continuously drove them off until they got the better of him and got away with what they came for, though he warned them they'd made an enemy of him.

Grumblegard was as good as his warning as he attacked Huttsgalor as a demonstration of his power and warned the Rescue Riders to leave by tomorrow or he'd destroy their whole island as revenge. It was only after the Rescue Riders' deal with the Slinkwings soured that they and Grumblegard finally spoke peacefully and Grumblegard saw for himself that the Rescue Riders were good company, evident by how they looked after orphaned baby dragons.

They agreed to work together to drive the Slinkwings off of Grumblegard's island, and Grumblegard fooled Winger — a necessary deed, though done in good faith — to reach his full potential and vanquish their mutual enemies.

Grumblegard is a wise and much-kinder dragon than he lets on, and came to appreciate the notion of having company, as he adopted the orphaned dragon babies from the Rescue Riders and took them home with him, and they had no worries in letting him do so as they knew Grumblegard, a wiser and much more knowledgeable dragon, would take good care of them.

Abilities and Skills

Grumblegard is a large adult dragon with the ability to blow powerful gusts and gales of wind that can knock flying dragons out of the air, which is how he kept unwanted visitors from landing on his island.

He is also very knowledgeable about other dragons and knows how to bring out their best as well as how to overcome various setbacks if necessary.


Rescue Riders

At first, the Rescue Riders got off to a bad start with Grumblegard as he continuously drove them away from his island and ignored their attempts to speak peacefully. After they got the best of him and made off with bark from his island, he went after them in revenge, attacking Huttsgalor and warning them to leave by the next day or he'd destroy their island.

After the situation took a bad turn and Grumblegard finally spoke with them, he saw they were actually very good individuals who cared for other dragons, especially the orphaned baby dragons in their care.

He agreed to work together with them to reclaim his island from the Slinkwings and helped Winger achieve his Mega Blast ability.

They made amends and parted on good terms.


Lurke, Snoop, and Vizza are old enemies of Grumblegard as they've attempted to steal food from his island more than once before but he always drove them away. When the Slinkwings tricked the Rescue Riders in order to incapacitate Grumblegard, they seized the opportunity to steal his island for themselves.

With the Rescue Riders' help, Grumblegard got his island back and blew the Slinkwings away.

Baby Dragons

Grumblegard first met the baby dragons in the Rescue Riders' care after finally agreeing to speak with them peacefully, and despite his crotchety attitude, they quickly grew to like him and he developed a grandfatherly fondness for them.

After getting his island back, he offered the Rescue Riders plenty of food for the little ones, but having lived alone for so long, he accepted the Rescue Riders' proposal that he adopt them and take them home.

Finngard Borgomon

Grumblegard first met Finngard in Huttsgalor Holiday when he reluctantly agreed to look after the baby Chillblaster dragons with Finnie helping him while the Rescue Riders went to look for their mom. He was annoyed by Finngard's constant talking, but appeared to have slowly grown on him after he made a snow dragon figure of himself and allowed the babies to have fun with him during Odinyule.




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