One of the biggest land Dragons: standing up from the ground to his great big antlers, the Crimson Goregutter adult is about eight Viking chiefs tall with an eighteen Viking chief wingspan. [src]
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Gruff Goregutters are a group of Crimson Goregutters that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Gruff Goregutters are among the largest and rarest Dragons in the Archipelago. Their intimidating profile marks them as formidable beasts, but despite their frightening appearance, they are some of the most docile and friendly Dragons known to Vikingdom. These gentle giants are far too large for any predators to bother with, considering the relative ease with which a Goregutter can incapacitate a foe when properly motivated. As such, there are very few things in the world that can instill fear in a Gruff Goregutter.

If provoked, a Gruff Goregutter will live up to the explosive nature of its name, aggressively dispatching its would-be foe with explosive balls of molten lava and the devastating pounding of metallic antlers.
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Physical Appearance

The Gruff Goregutter is orange with a pale yellow underbelly. It has dark brown horns and spines.

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