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Gronckles are tough. Taking down one of those would definitely get me a girlfriend. [src]
  Hiccup introducing the Gronckle.  

The Gronckle is a medium-sized Boulder Class dragon that first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon.

Official Description

One of the toughest dragons in our world is the Gronckle. Gronckles have gigantic heads, short bodies, and round tails. Gronckles are lazy, and spend most of their time sleeping in communal heaps. They have been known to fall asleep while flying, waking only when they crash into the ocean or the side of a mountain. Gronckles have relatively small wings that beat as fast as a hummingbird's. They are slow in the air, but make up for this with their maneuverability. A Gronckle can fly backwards, sideways, and even hover. Gronckles attack from the air, where their primary weapon is most effective. Gronckles chew rocks, melting them in their bellies and firing them as balls of molten lava.
This Boulder Class Dragon is not built for speed, but it can fly like a hummingbird. A giant, stubborn hummingbird that shoots lava rocks!
The Gronckle's tough hide can take more hits than almost any other Dragon...or any two Dragons combined!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
With its bulbous shape, tiny wings and laid-back demeanor, the wart hoggish Gronckle is proving to be a fan favorite.
He is a series of round balls, including warts. He’s just lazy, cantankerous and grumpy, and that makes you like him even better. The critter is known to doze off even in mid-flight as he floats about like the Goodyear blimp. But there is no denying that his fire packs a lethal punch.
  — Sanders[1]  
This dragon is one of the toughest in the world. Gronckles are lazy, and spend most of their time sleeping in communal heaps
  DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies  


Flies like a cross between a bumblebee and a helicopter, fueled by the roar of a motorcycle. [src]
  — Simon Otto, Head of Character Animation  

Simon Otto also mentions that the Gronckle is inspired by a mix of a pit-bull, a crocodile, a Harley-Davidson, and surprisingly, a helicopter[2]. While the Gronckle evidently gains inspiration from a bumblebee's stature and a helicopter's ability to hover and move in all directions, the Gronckle is also based off walruses and rhinoceroses. The animation team studied their behavior and movements, and imagined how the Gronckle would be like if it had the size and speed of a hummingbird's wings.

While most of the early concept art still preserve its stubby, segmented body, as well as warty skin, several variations on their spikes and body design exist. Gronckle by Nico Marlet, for example, features a much larger lower jaw. Whereas another concept art depicts the Gronckle with a more 'Monstrous Nightmare' like vibe, for it has a significantly longer tongue, frilly nasal horns and eye lids, smoother skin and leaf-like lobes along its back.

Physical Appearance


Gronckle Egg.jpg
Gronckle eggssssss.jpg

Gronckle eggs are the smallest of all the species. Some are a bluish color, while others are goldish, some even purple, and have a rocky appearance. They also bounce around like jumping beans. They are shown to explode when they hatch. Although the eggs are supposed to be barely larger than a marble, it's shown that Meatlug's eggs are just a bit smaller than the average Viking head and snugly fit inside Viking helmets.

Hatchling to Adult

The Gronckle can be a slow, lazy, and cranky bulldog-like dragon, It has been known to fall asleep mid-flight, waking only when it plunges into the sea or crashes into a mountain. They spend the majority of the day sleeping. However, during battle, they can be fierce adversaries because of their high defenses.

Because of its tremendous weight and small wings, it would seem impossible for them to fly. However, because the wings of a Gronckle beat at a speed similar to that of hummingbirds', dragonflies', or bees' wings, it is possible for one to sustain flight. In fact, a Gronckle can fly backward, sideways, and even hover in place. However, due to their massive weight and small wings they are the slowest species in the dragon world, which is not helped by their extreme tendencies towards laziness and falling asleep whilst flying. Despite this, they can still perform some pretty impressive flight maneuvers when trained to do so. Its tail can be mistaken for the head if little attention is paid to it.

Because of its large stout body and clubbed tail, the Gronckle somewhat resembles an Ankylosaurus. It has huge jaws which can be used to hold food. It has a rather blunt nose horn and fairly stubby toe claws. Its legs are practically useless in battle, and due to its short tail it has a fairly small attack range.

In the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, Gronckles appear to have a similar body structure as the animated version. However they have much more bulk in their torso and a diminished tail size. This is probably due to design requirements for making real life puppets and robots. The live action Gronckles also have an exit orifice at the very end of their tail which is able to spew out debris and flatulence.

Titan Wing

Titan Wing Gronckle.png

Titan Wing Gronckles are volcano-like in color, as seen in the games School of Dragons and Dragons: Rise of Berk. They are black with irregular striping and eyes with no visible pupils. Their wings are gray with yellow edges. They mouth and nose are glowing yellow from the lava inside them. Beside the color, nothing else is changed from the adult form. It is unknown if the red stripes are lava or it is just their color.

In Book of Dragons, the life stages of the Gronckle are presented. It shows a Titan Wing Gronckle as a final stage. Here, the Titan Gronckle looks like a regular adult, except somewhat larger and longer wings. This is most likely the first mention of Titan Wing Dragons.


Babies' Abilities

Once they hatch, the egg will explode like a grenade, which can cause destruction as seen in Gift of the Night Fury.

They could fly and blast at an early age.gif

As babies, they are able to make up for their tiny wing size with tremendous flapping velocity, like hummingbirds. Just like the adults, hatchlings are able to fly forward, backward, and sideways. As seen in Gift of the Night Fury, along with the other hatchlings, they couldn't handle flying through strong winds. Though older hatchlings could fly and blast as shown in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Baby Gronckles need a lot of naps just like children. As they were observed to fall asleep in mid-flight.

A baby Gronckle's bark is far worse than their bite. Although they bellow and open their mouths to display their growing teeth, they are seldom seen attacking anything.

Rechargeable Firepower

Gronckle shoots rocks quickly.gif
As a member of the Boulder Class, Gronckles can consume rocks and use them to fuel their “lava blasts”, which involves shooting large amounts of lava from their mouths. This ability requires Gronckles to have a high firepower in order to maintain their “lava blasts”.
  School of Dragons Website[3]  
Groncles can eat rocks to recharge their shot limit.gif

The Gronckle can launch a devastating fire attack but is limited to six shots at a time. Both its fire attack and hovering flight pattern make it a very dangerous dragon. It can simply hover slightly out of reach of the Vikings and then blast them with its powerful fire. Unlike the other dragons, the Gronckle can refill its shot limit fairly quickly.

Gronckles will be one of the few dragons to be able to refill their shot limit.gif

Most dragons use a flammable gas, but the Gronckle eats rocks and then melts them in its stomach. So as long as there are edible rocks in the area, the Gronckles will be one of the few dragons to be able to refill their shot limit. The Gronckle's lava depends on the type of rocks they eat. They are able to produce regular flaming hot lava, lava coated rocks, Gronckle Iron, glass, and lava of different colors.

Jaw Strength and Expansion

Like all Boulder Class dragons, Gronckles have extremely strong jaws, being able to crush boulders with ease. They are able to carry large boulders in their mouth, eat them, and shoot back at their enemies as shown by Meatlug. She was also able to hold 3 fully grown sheep in her mouth.

Strength and Combat

Gronckles have much strength, being able to lift heavy Vikings such as Fishlegs or Stoick. The Gronckle uses its brute strength as an advantage when fighting its opponents, whether they are Vikings or Dragons. This was demonstrated by Meatlug several times, and a group of Gronckles were able to take on a much larger Screaming Death. Meatlug has left a mighty warrior like Stoick the Vast stunned on the ground for a short period of time, and did the same to a Razorwhip as they can use their tail-club on its belly. She also did the same to Toothless when he was under the effects of Eel Pox. Meatlug manage to carry a large Singetail to Dragon’s Edge in flight, despite previous in "Viking for Hire" Meatlug couldn’t fly with a heavy saddle or in "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", Meatlug struggled to fly with saddle bags full of rocks.

Despite their might, wild Gronckles have been shown to be no match for a Night Fury. This was shown with the wild Gronckle that attacked Toothless in “Defiant One” and Meatlug in “The Eel Effect”. This is possibly due to the fact that Gronckles do not actually enjoy combat, and when faced with a fight, become rather tame.

Gronckle Iron Creation

Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1.png Main article: Gronckle Iron
Meatlug spews lava.gif

One interesting fact about a Gronckle’s stomach is that it is able to melt down any type of rock and metal like a forge. By mixing certain minerals and ores, it is able to create an alloy called Gronckle Iron, which can be shaped into weapons and instruments that are lighter and stronger than those made of pure iron. Meatlug was able to create a large amount of Gronckle Iron in the episode, "The Iron Gronckle". Other mixtures allow them to be magnetized and create glass (sandstone alone).

Dragon Root Immunity

Gronckles are one of the few known dragons that are immune to Dragon Root, possibly because of their mineral-based diet. Gronckles are also immune to Dragon Root lanced arrows.

Bump Blast

Bump blast.png
Gronckles are famous for their lava blasts and the hard, armorlike bumps all over their bodies. If they really need to do some damage to their enemies, they out these two features together. When provoked, Gronckles inhale deeply, and the bumps on their bodies blast off in every direction!
  Guide to the Dragons, Volume 1  

As seen in one Gronckle merchandise toy, these dragons are able to blast off the large bumps on their bodies, which scatter in every direction. This is presumably for self-defense purposes. However, this ability was never seen on screen. Bump Blasting was however also mentioned in the Guide to the Dragons, Volume 1 and DreamWorks Dragons: Ultimate Movie Guide.

This ability may also be demonstrated by Meatlug in the game, Dragons Hero Portal. Her special attack consists of rotating in a circle and firing off groups of four spikes in all directions to hit opponents.

Speed and Agility

Interestingly enough, Gronckles are much faster on the ground than in the air, as shown when Meatlug was able to run faster than the objects that were attracted to her magnetic body. They are very maneuverable in the air, being able to go backward, sideways and even hover. As Meatlug has shown, they are able to stand and walk on their hind legs.

Durability and Stamina

Gronckles possess one of the hardest exteriors amongst dragons, giving them a layer of nearly impenetrable natural armor. This exterior is what gives Gronckles their bulk, and also makes them a formidable opponent in battle.
  School of Dragons Website[3]  
Gronckle's Stamina.gif

Gronckles have extremely tough scales, able to withstand many attacks from enemy dragons and Vikings. A wild Gronckle was shown to be able to withstand attacks from a Viking's mace without suffering major injury. This makes them one of the toughest dragons in terms of defense. According to a Webisode, they can survive a crash into a mountain or fall from high altitudes. Despite their small wings and laziness, their stamina seems comparable to that of other dragons as Meatlug is often seen flying for the same length of time as the other dragons.


Gronckles have a number of weapon-like physical features - the body of armor with bumps, sword-like teeth, sharp tusks, club-like tail, nose horn, claws, and the ability to use their head as a bludgeon. Meatlug has shown that their flatulence is rather pungent and can be used to stun dragons as large as the Screaming Death. Their club tail is quite a strong weapon, against both Vikings and dragons. Meatlug demonstrated this in battles with a Whispering Death and a Typhoomerang.


Fishlegs commands Meatlug to save the Twins.gif

Gronckles are shown to be much smarter than they appear, as Fishlegs is able to teach Meatlug many tricks and skills. He was also able to show wild Gronckles how to stop the Screaming Death using their lava blasts.


Meatlug has found the intruders.gif

Gronckles have a strong sense of smell, which was demonstrated several times when Meatlug found hostile Outcast Vikings from a far distance, or when she found a Changewing egg buried in the sand of a beach. Although they are stated to have weak vision, Meatlug was able to see Fishlegs' hand signals while he was in a tree and she was way higher up in the air.

Curling Up

As seen in Dragon Training Legends, Gronckles can curl themselves up into a ball and roll themselves around for faster movement. It can also be used in means of offense as shown in "Quake, Rattle and Roll" when Meatlug ran over Snotlout.

By eating glowing algae, a Deadly Nadder ot other dragons, can glow.gif

Glowing Body

Similar to a Flightmare, Night Fury, and Deadly Nadder, by eating glowing algae, a Gronckle can control the intensity of its glow. It can turn its glow on bright in order to scare off other dragons who are trying to attack it. This was shown in "Fright of Passage", where Meatlug drank some of the glowing algae, which caused her to glow.


The Gronckle is disoriented by the noise.gif

While immune to Dragon Root and dragon root arrows, Gronckles are susceptible to most common dragon weaknesses such as Eels, Blue Oleander, Dragonvine, and Grimora parasites. If one clatters metallic objects together near a Gronckle, it can momentarily disorients it, and even obscure its vision. This also includes loud screeches from other dragons like the Screaming Death or the Sentinels, but this could be said for most dragons.

With a feather Gobber helps Meatlug to vomit.gif

Like Deadly Nadders and other dragons, the Gronckle has a specific spot that, when scratched, will cause the dragon to instantly calm down.

Gobber found out from being a dragon doctor that these dragons' have a sensitive spot under their belly where, when tickled by a single feather, can induce vomiting of lava.


Gronckles appear to be prone to allergies, whether seasonal or environmental. These manifest as respiratory symptoms such as sneezing. Sneezing in a dragon can involve snorting out fire or lava. Fishlegs indicates Meatlug has allergies as early as "How to Pick Your Dragon". Yawnckle also has allergies to Flowers.


Meatlug doesnt feel to good.gif
Fishlegs saves an adolescent Gronckle.gif

Eating too many rocks can make them overheat and also cause stomach upset, either of which can cause discomfort/pain, flatulence, and inability to produce lava blasts. Their fire is also dependent on the type of rocks consumed, ranging from those that give them uncontrollable magnetic forces to causing them to spit out glass. According to Fishlegs, different Gronckles react differently to different types of rock: limestone might be one Gronckle's favorite treat, but cause another to get an awful stomach ache. They can also choke on certain rocks, especially quartzite, even as adults.

Slow Speed


Gronckles are one of the slowest and laziest dragons, making it easy for them to get left behind by other dragons. Much like Hotburples, they may also fall from the sky after falling asleep in mid flight. However, Meatlug has been shown to travel very long distances yet either ended up being more exhausted than the other dragons or at times even flew in her sleep.

Weak Vision

Gronckles are also described as having extremely weak vision, but it is unknown exactly how weak it is.

Behavior and Personality

Gronckles are the most notoriously lazy Gronckles known to Vikings — which is saying something! Local Berkians have used them as doorstops, footstools, and garbage disposers to get rid of leftover food.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Gronckles are usually very friendly unless something angers or threatens them, and are said to be sociable to most dragons and

animals. They often enjoy physical contact and nap in "communal heaps" with other Gronckles.

Taking care of the babies.gif

As mentioned before, Gronckles are lazy and sometimes cranky dragons. They fly slowly due to their small wings and bulky bodies, but their fire attacks are devastating. They can be sweet-natured and motherly at times, especially towards their hatchlings or their riders. Gronckles can be extremely deadly, considering that they can shoot molten lava. But if you befriend a Gronckle (which is pretty easy), they will love you forever and are very protective over their owners. They like to spend time with their owners, and are very playful.

Toothless vs Wild Gronckle.gif

Gronckles have a bit of a dog-like personality as they apparently love to play catch. They love to get their belly rubbed, but according to Fishlegs they don't like to get their chins rubbed. Also, they can whine like dogs when upset.

Gronckles are said to be territorial like some other dragons, as proven by a wild Gronckle that was fighting Toothless. As Fishlegs stated, Gronckles can be tenacious dragons if needed.

According to the description for Rubblegrubber, "few Gronckles ... [have] the ability to purr. ... the Gronckle's purring sound is produced by gravel in its gizzard rubbing together. It is a gritty purr, but if you hear it, you know you're loved." This appears to be a learned behavior to show affection by manipulating their gastrointestinal organs.


Warm, friendly, and loyal, Gentle Gronckles are ideal training partners, endless sources of Gronckle Iron, and beloved household pets on Berk. But seriously, though — don’t pull on those bumps!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  
Gronckles are easy to train.gif

Gronckles love to eat dragon nip and can be calmed with it as seen in the first movie. Feeding them rocks can also help one train this dragon. Their main diet is rocks, but they can also be fed fish. According to the How to Train Your Dragon game, training a Gronckle can be as simple as feeding the dragon Rack of Lamb.

Because of their generally warm and friendly nature, Gronckles are ideal for young and first-time trainers. Some types are even more suited as a 'starter' dragon, such as the Gentle Gronckle.

Comparative Statistics


How to Train Your Dragon

Main article: Meatlug

The Gronckle was first seen in Hiccup's opening narration on common dragon species, picking livestock off the fields. The Gronckle is the first dragon that the Viking Trainees have to fight in the arena. It is used to teach them how to use the shield to block attacks and shown to have a six shot limit. One almost blasts Hiccup, but he is saved by Gobber the Belch. Hiccup learns from Toothless that dragons love Dragon Nip and uses this to calm down the same Gronckle in a later training session. The Gronckle is used to determine who will kill the Monstrous Nightmare and is seen subdued by Hiccup (presumably through scratching a particularly sensitive spot dragons have), earning him that right. Hiccup later gives the Gronckle to Fishlegs during the attack on the Red Death and during the battle, she hovers beside the dragon's head, allowing Fishlegs to distract the Red Death by banging on his shield. This also confuses the Gronckle and causes her to crash and flip upside-down, pinning Fishlegs who ends up being okay. The Gronckle and Fishlegs are nearly crushed by the Red Death's foot, but thanks to Snotlout's antics, it barely misses them and the Gronckle is later seen flying around the village as Fishlegs' pet dragon, Meatlug.

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Various Gronckles appear in this theater production of the first movie, including a large, rideable animatronic model, 'wrestle dragon' suits, and smaller puppets suspended for ceiling tracks. The large animatronic Gronckle is one of the dragons the Viking trainees fight with during training.

Racing For The Gold


Two Gronckles appear in the "Speed Skating" video segment. They are small and are tied to the backs of Stoick and Gobber. The Gronckles are being used as a sort of jet pack to propel the Vikings across the snow, wearing skates with an axe-like appearance.

Gift of the Night Fury

Main article: Meatlug's Mate
Main article: Meatlug's Offspring
Baby gronkle gallery 2.jpg

In this short, there were several Gronckles seen on Rookery island, clustered in family groups and tending to their young. They later helped Hiccup ferry a Viking Ship filled with baby dragons back to Berk. This movie short also showed that Gronckle eggs explode when hatching.

Book of Dragons

ScreenCapture 25.04.13 12-38-42.jpg

The Gronckle's abilities and features were mentioned in this short, along with its life cycle, which composes of the Egg, Tiny Tooth, Short Wing, Broad Wing, and the Titan Wing stages.

We also see that Gronckles will eat sheep. They decimate Bork the Bold's entire flock, except for Willie.

Dragons: Riders of Berk

Main article: Book Wyrm
Bookwirm 1.png

In "How to Start a Dragon Academy", a group of Gronckles was seen eating Mildew's cabbage and sleeping on his house.

Dragons Riders of Berk Episode 16 Defiant One Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime481.jpg

In "Heather Report, Part 2", a wild Gronckle was standing on top of the Dragon Manual when it fell on Outcast Island. Savage and a group of Outcast Soldiers attempted to get the book from her. One of the soldiers tried to retrieve the book, but was violently attacked. Savage asked if one of the others would go get the book, but the others refused. Savage had to get the book himself and, though he succeeded, he got slightly burned by the dragon.

In "Defiant One", a another wild Gronckle on Outcast Island appears but this one is blue. When Hiccup and Toothless arrived at the Outcast forge, Hiccup slips through the bars but Toothless is too big. Hiccup tells his dragon to stay hidden. However, the wild Gronckle that is on the roof attacks Toothless, knocking them both into a small gorge. As Toothless continues his fight with the Gronckle by avoiding its shots. Once the wild dragon is out, Toothless fires two plasma blast to send the Gronckle flying. Sensing Hiccup is in trouble, he tries to climb out of the gorge, but it's too steep. Toothless picks up on Snotlout's scent and follows it out of a mouth in the gorge.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 1

Main article: Tuffnut Junior (Franchise)
Main article: Junior Tuffnut
Main article: Junior Tuffnut Junior
3G 17.png

A wild Gronckle was seen caught in Death Song amber in "Imperfect Harmony". Though not seen, it is presumed that it was freed by the Dragon Riders after they defeated the Death Song.

Tuffnut Junior, Junior Tuffnut, and Junior Tuffnut Junior first encountered Fishlegs, Meatlug, Hiccup and Toothless shortly before they were ambushed and chased away by the Catastrophic Quaken in "Quake, Rattle and Roll". The three Gronckles were temporarily relocated to Dragon's Edge with all the other Gronckles from Dark Deep, much to the annoyance of the other Dragon Riders. Later, they returned to Dark Deep and befriended the Quaken, who had become more welcoming thanks to Fishlegs and Meatlug.

Season 2

Main article: Gothi's Gronckle
Gothis gronckle spewing.png

Gothi was assigned to a purple Gronckle when she joined the Auxiliary Riders in "Team Astrid". She then joined the battle for the Edge, helping the gang succeed. They also appeared during their attempt to ward the Frozen Skrill away from Berk in "A Time to Skrill".

Several rouge dragons held Fishlegs captive on an island during the events of "Edge of Disaster, Parts 1 and 2". He managed to tame them when he saved a young Gronckle from choking on quartzite.

Season 3

Main article: Fighter Gronckle
Main article: Shattermaster
Shattermaster 7.png

During the events of "Family on the Edge", Dagur was assigned to ride Shattermaster when he begged Hiccup to teach him to ride. Dagur was hoping for a Skrill, and was a bit displeased upon seeing that he'd be riding a Gronckle. In fact, he initially thought that Shattermaster was going to be breakfast for a more powerful dragon. However, he completely changed his mind upon seeing Shattermaster's abilities. The duo then enthusiastically began training with Hiccup, and later Fishlegs and Astrid. Shattermaster was said to be a fast learner, as shown by his mastery of the 'Inverted Gronckle Drop' maneuver. When Dagur was locked up after being accused of spying for the hunters, Shattermaster broke them out, which prompted Fishlegs to comment on how well they had bonded. Upon reaching a Dragon Hunter hidden shipyard, Dagur and Shattermaster charged into battle and laid waste to the Hunters' fleet.

In "Last Auction Heroes", Viggo captured many Gronckles for his Dragon Auction. Fortunately, the Dragon Riders were able to infiltrate into the auction and free all the caged dragons, including the Gronckles.

Season 4

Eruptodon 60.png

In "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2", when the Great Protector was starved by the Dragon Hunters and forced it to make the volcano of Dragon's Edge erupt, Meatlug called every Gronckle on the island to regurgitate lava and lure the Eruptodon away from the volcano.

In "Saving Shattermaster", Dagur revealed that Shattermaster, along with many other Gronckles, were captured by Dragon Hunters. He, with the help of Hiccup and Heather, released them and brought them to a safe place.

Season 5

In "Living on the Edge", the Dragon Riders rounded up the Gronckles from Dark Deep to produce Gronckle Iron that would help them in preventing the volcano of Dragon's Edge from erupting.

Season 6

Many Gronckles were summoned by the Berserker Bewilderbeast during the final battle in "King of Dragons, Part 2". The formed a compact group high in the air and let lava fall from their mouths at the same time. They flew above the entire Dragon Hunter fleet in this position, managing to sink many ships.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Several Gronckle were seen in Valka's Mountain, along with her other wild dragons, including three babies that were briefly seen playing.

All the adult Gronckles from Valka's Mountain fought viciously in the battle against Drago's Army. After Drago's Bewilderbeast defeated Valka's, all the Gronckles bowed to their new Alpha. After they were freed by Toothless from the Bewilderbeast's control, they fought against the giant dragon. In the aftermath, they bowed to Toothless, acknowledging him as their new Alpha.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Main article: Fishmeat

After Meatlug has babies again, Fishlegs decides to keep one of them, whom he names Fishmeat. The two eventually form a close bond, and Fishlegs brings the baby Gronckle with him everywhere he goes, carrying him in a special pocket of his dragon armor. Lots of wild Gronckles are among the myriad of dragons in the Hidden World who are bowing down to Toothless and the Unnamed Light Fury, showing respect for their Alpha.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

The Gronckle is pictured in a Dragon Manual formerly belonging to Stoick that Zephyr Haddock finds packed away in the Haddock House on New Berk.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

A picture of a Gronckle is seen on the wall leading to the Golden Dragon. Leyla identifies it as a Boulder Class dragon.


How to Train Your Dragon

According to the How to Train Your Dragon (game), training a Gronckle can be as simple as feeding the dragon Rack of Lamb. The player can customize their Gronckle by altering their head horns, feet, tail style, wing style, color, and back ridges.

Dragons Hero Portal

Meatlug appears in this game as part of one of the rider/dragon pairs the player can choose to play as.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Gronckle species appears in this game, along with individuals like Meatlug, Meatlug's Mate and offspring, Book Wyrm, Gothi's Gronckle, and an Exiled Gronckle, which is one of the Screaming Death's subjects.

School of Dragons

The Gronckle is one of the original starter dragons available to players. They are also one of the few dragons in this game that has its Titan form available, adapted from Dragons: Rise of Berk.

In addition to the dragons the player may obtain, a Titan Gronckle appears on the explorable location The Tempest in the Expansion "Rise of Stormheart". It, along with a Moldruffle, does not have a known purpose as yet, but appear to be generating the energy to steam-power the ship.

Blue Gronckles appear as part of the Snoggletog special Dragon Tactics mini-game. They shoot giant candy can balls that turn to rock and Snoggletog decorations at the player.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

Several Gronckle individuals, like Obsurdian, Grove Gronckles, Gentle Gronckles, and the Molten Magmannette, and hybrids, like the Abomibumble and the Thunderbottom, appear in this game.

DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

Gronckles appear indirectly in this game. Meatlug appears with Fishlegs Ingerman on a Terror Mail letterhead. Fishmeat is also mentioned. Artistically rendered Gronckle images also appear on large uniform blocks within the ruins under Havenholme that are used to solve puzzles and open passageways.

Dragon Pets

A Gronckle is one of the three dragons that appear in this game, along with the Deadly Nadder and a Monstrous Nightmare.


  • The Gronckle's wing-to-body ratio would mean it would have to beat its wings significantly faster than any hummingbird would need to flap its own wings. It would have to beat approximately 4.1 times faster than an average hummingbird.
  • It is likely that when Gronckles fly, they don't flap their wings up and down, but instead they most likely move their wings back and fourth similar to a helicopter. This is how bumblebees fly based on their wing and body proportions.
  • Gronckles originally come from Dark Deep, as mentioned in "Quake, Rattle and Roll".
  • The Titan Wing Gronckle has strong resemblance with the Lava Hound from the game, Clash of Clans.
  • It is very likely that Gronckles carry their offspring inside their large jaws, like a crocodillian would, as that is how Meatlug took Fishmeat to the Hidden World.


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