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He looks like a Gronckle made of icicles... maybe he could be called a Groncicle! [src]

The Groncicle is a medium-sized Boulder Class dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

A Groncicle is different from most dragons. They prosper in the coldest of climates and prefer fish native to Icestorm Island.
The Groncicle is considered to be a member of the Boulder Class; however, unlike other dragons in this class, it is quite comfortable in water. While these dragons closely resemble their cousins, the Gronckles, their bodies are more streamlined, undoubtedly contributing to their agility in the seas. It is essential that young Viking trainers remember to not underestimate Groncicles. It may initially appear that these dragons lack the ability to cause much harm (barring the fearsome spikes on their chins), but with ice in their veins and liquid nitrogen fire, the Groncicle is not a dragon you would want to cross.
Everything about these dragons remind you of their home – they are icy blue and white in color, the spines on their back look like snowy mountains, and the spikes on their chin resemble icicles. They also have a tendency to freeze the water around them as they swim. Unfortunately, Groncicles can never make the Isle of Berk their home, as it is essential for them to remain in a cold environment. However, you can always visit them on Icestorm Island, where they are more than happy to meet you!
  School of Dragons Website[1]  
This arctic Boulder Class cousin of the Gronckle is cold blooded! With ice in his veins and liquid nitrogen fire, water actually freezes around him as he swims.
The Groncicle stays cool as ice in the toughest battles, freezing opponents with an exploding ice attack.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance


Groncicle Egg.png

Groncicle eggs are oval-shaped with large ice spikes protruding from the surface of it. It is unclear if the 'ice' is real ice or other substances for defense or ornamental purposes. Their eggs are one of the few eggs with well-defined geometrical shapes and are spiky. Those in School of Dragons have flatter spikes.

According to the School of Dragons stable quest "Blast Chiller", Groncicle eggs need to be kept cold, not hot, to hatch.

Groncicle eggs rolled to the geothermal part of the Island. They're getting warm, but they need to be kept cold to hatch!
  — "Blast Chiller" Stable Quest in School of Dragons  

Hatchling to Adult

Groncicles are covered in snow and ice. Their spines or hunches on their back resemble snowy mountains. They have spikes under their chin which resemble icicles or snow cones. The Groncicle looks like a muscular Gronckle except that it has a longer body length, is covered in snow and ice, and lacks a tail bludgeon, instead having a long, streamline tail. The original Groncicle from Dragons: Rise of Berk has a longer tail and a short neck with a low-set head; the Groncicle from School of Dragons has more of a Gronckle form with no neck and a shorter tail, as well as a crystalline skin covering.

The Groncicle seems to have no actual teeth in Dragons: Rise of Berk. But teeth that resemble a Gronckle's were added in School of Dragons.

Titan Wing Groncicle.png

Titan Wing

Groncicles that have reached the Titan Wing stage change quite a lot. Their body is darker, and there are light blue outlines of what seems to be their liquid nitrogen veins. Their wings have white rings and its edges develop small, spiky icicle-like structures. Titan Wing Groncicles' mouths glow purple and their eyes turn pinkish purple. Also, the icy spikes on their tails and under their chins become larger and thicker.


Liquid Nitrogen Fire

Groncicle in the Dragon Eye

The Groncicle shoots powerful streams of explosive Liquid Nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen can reach temperatures close to -321 °F or -196 °C. This can potentially freeze their victim to death, meaning it also has the coldest blast of all the dragons. The Groncicle can use its blast to fill the gaps of broken constructions, as demonstrated in School of Dragons when a juvenile Groncicle repaired a broken bridge.

According to the Dragon Eye, the Groncicle's ice breath is amazing as very few dragons have it. The blast also has the ability to condense the water vapor in the clouds, causing it to rain or snow.

Freezing Water

The Groncicle is able to freeze water around it while swimming. This is probably because the ice in its veins causes the water around it to lose heat and freeze, though the reason for the Groncicle's uncanny behavior is unknown. One possible purpose is to freeze and trap their aquatic prey in the water.


Warm Climates

The Groncicle doesn't like warm climates, this is why it stays up north in the colder islands. While a Groncicle can survive in a warm climate, if it resides there for too long it can suffer lack of nutrition and comfort making it very vulnerable to the heat.

Behavior and Personality

Groncicles eat snow to generate their ice breath. They will also use soft snow and this cold breath to build their nests. They are seen to live in social settings with one another. Groncicles are a peaceful, friendly, non-aggressive species. Having been the first dragons to ever be peaceful with humans (with the ancient Vikings of Icestorm Island), they are naturally kind with people. Despite their cold natures, Groncicles are big softies. They are a helpful race that allies to those who treat them with respect. But they do not respond kindly to a lack of respect and should not be taken lightly. Their affinity to ice and snow means they must remain in cold environments or they will overheat. Summer in Berk, for example, is too warm for them.

Interestingly, it is revealed in School of Dragons that Groncicles like smoothies made of a mixture of arctic gentian, arctic poppy, and pumpkins. It's indicated that no other dragon, or human, enjoys this strange drink. In addition, some Groncicle individuals, such as Sweetcicle, are known to eat the sweet variety of Glowing Algae that blooms during the spring. However, this algae has such a high sugar content that it makes the Groncicles that consume it extremely hyperactive.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

This dragon first appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk, along with its Titan Wing form, where the Frozen Groncicle was introduced.

School of Dragons

In 2015, the Groncicle was made available in School of Dragons by completing the Icestorm Island expansion pack. All 4 stages were available for this dragon.


  • The Groncicle's name is a combination of the words "Gronckle" and "icicle". According to School of Dragons, the Groncicle was named by Hiccup.
  • Even though the Groncicle is a Boulder Class dragon, it is more appropriate to be put in the Tidal Class because, the description states that it swims, and in the Arctic regions, water and ice are everywhere, meaning that it is a frequent swimmer.
  • It is the only known water-based Boulder Class dragon.
  • The Groncicle's egg looks like a geometric ice-like shape similar to the Shivertooth's and the Sweet Death's egg.
  • The Groncicle's egg has a similar appearance to the Orb of Frozen Futures. Some people, like Trader Johann, can confuse the two of them.
  • The Groncicle seemingly has the coldest fire in the dragon world; this would make it a good rival to the Fireworm Queen as they have the hottest fire in the dragon world.


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