She's not THAT scary — wait, did she just see me? [src]
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The Gritty Sawmaw is a female Whispering Death appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

When Vikings hear an eerie whistle late at night, they know Sawmaw has been busy. This Whispering Death has made her nest in the woods, ridding its trees and bedrock with holes and tunnels. When the breeze blows, the entire Berk Forest sounds like a giant wind chime, courtesy of Sawmaw's handiwork!
Sawmaw isn't exactly what Vikings would consider "friendly", but she's never once brought harm to a Berkian — Viking or dragon. In fact, Sawmaw has proven quite helpful in digging catacombs that connect Berk's Dragon Hangar to other underground structures!
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Physical Appearance

The Gritty Sawmaw is primarily neon green with bright red appendages, markings, and wing edges. A blue coloring is solidly blended on her face and wings.

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