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I am the Night Fury killer. [src]
  — Grimmel  

Grimmel the Grisly is the main antagonist of the film How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. He is a dragon hunter who believes that dragons must be exterminated, and is responsible for bringing the Night Furies to near extinction, leaving Toothless the last one of his kind.

Official Description

Grimmel is a smart dragon hunter who is outraged at the idea that dragons can live alongside humans. Having believed that he had previously killed all the Night Furies, Grimmel is maddened to learn that the AlphaToothless — remains alive and free.
  How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  


Night Fury Genocide

When Grimmel was just a boy, he came across and killed a Night Fury in its sleep, and his village hailed him as a hero for this act. Motivated by this, Grimmel dedicated the rest of his life to hunting down every Night Fury in existence. Once he completed his genocide on Night Furies, he would move on to do the same to every living dragon species. At some point, he managed to drug a pack of six Deathgrippers with their own venom and trained them to become vicious killers that would only listen to his commands. Grimmel also became acquainted with Eret, Son of Eret and Stoick the Vast, for he even complimented the Viking chief as one of the greatest dragon slayers he had ever known.

Hunt for Toothless

Grimmel was hired by the Warlords because of their problem with dragon poaching to capture Toothless, the only Night Fury he hasn't yet killed. Whilst accepting the offer, Grimmel has his own intentions towards Toothless. He decides to use a female Light Fury as bait for the dragon, freeing it at Berk. He also hides a trap and leaves a poison dart nearby.

Whilst Hiccup is looking through his father's notes, Grimmel approaches him. He walks down the stairs and pours himself a glass of tea before explaining how he killed every Night Fury and shoots a sleeping Toothless underneath a blanket. After Hiccup proclaims that he will never give Toothless up, the Dragon Riders burst out of hiding and into the room, revealing that it was Fishlegs that was shot, not Toothless. Grimmel responds by commanding his Deathgrippers to attack the Dragon Riders and burn the house down with their acid before disappearing with an ultimatum: if Toothless is not surrendered the next day, everything that Hiccup loves will be destroyed. This prompts the Berkians to leave Berk on a quest to find the Hidden World. But unbeknownst to them, they're doing exactly what Grimmel wants them to do. Soon after the Berkians' departure, Grimmel meets the Warlords by the Great Hall, where he reveals he knows exactly where the Berkians are going.

After Hiccup and Astrid return to New Berk from the Hidden World with Toothless, they discover the Light Fury has followed them. It's a moment of happiness that quickly turns around as Grimmel finally takes the opportunity to capture Toothless and recapture the Light Fury. But in an attempt to protect their Alpha, all dragons on the island come to save Toothless. But Grimmel, having foreseen this, points a harpoon at the Light Fury and orders Toothless to call the dragons off. Having succeeded in his mission he leads the dragons to the Warlords, but decides to alter their deal and keep Toothless and the Light Fury for himself.

Hiccup and the other Riders surprisingly come flying towards the armada in their flightsuits, starting a big battle. Grimmel's platform quickly gets destroyed and in an attempt to get away he puts one of his collars on the Light Fury, which injects her with the venom of his Deathgrippers, gaining control over the dragon. Hiccup frees Toothless and starts chasing Grimmel down. But Grimmel is prepared and fires one of his darts towards them. Hiccup evades the dart by jumping of Toothless, but this results in the dart hitting Toothless instead, prompting Toothless to fall towards the ocean below. Hiccup kicks Grimmel of the Light Fury and seeing Toothless is falling, removes Grimmel's collar. He tells her to save Toothless and lets go, so he and Grimmel fall to their deaths. The Light Fury saves Toothless and comes back for Hiccup, who removes his prosthetic leg to separate himself from Grimmel. The Light Fury carries Hiccup to safety while Grimmel hits the water, which results in his death.

Physical Appearance

Grimmel cuts a slender figure and has a shock of white hair. He dresses from head to toe in black, scaly leather and is armed with a deadly crossbow.
  How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  

Grimmel is a tall, slender man with gray hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. He wears leather armor, brown pants, greyish-brown boots, and a hooded jacket.


Nothing's accidental when it comes to old Grimmel. He lives for the hunt. To get inside the mind of his prey, to control its every choice. It's all a game to him. [src]
  — Eret's assessment of Grimmel's characters  

Grimmel is a seasoned dragon hunter who lives for the thrill of the chase and anticipates every course of action that his prey will take. He is patient, determined, and waits for the right moment to strike.

Grimmel holds great prejudice towards dragons and is of the firm belief that they must be either imprisoned or eliminated. Any alternate ideas that involve coexistence are unacceptable to him, as he believes that dragons and humans simply cannot live together.

Abilities, Skills, and Talents

Dragon Hunting: Grimmel is a substantially experienced hunter who knows how to track down his prey and anticipate their actions.

Dragon Commanding: Grimmel managed to successfully drug six Deathgrippers and trained them to become vicious killers that obey his commands. He trained them through unknown ways to answer to his whistles.

Dragon Riding: Grimmel is able to ride the Light Fury without any difficulties after drugging her with Deathgripper venom, until he is knocked off her back by Hiccup.



Grimmel has claimed to have hunted down every Night Fury except for Toothless. This causes the latter to become the hunter's most coveted trophy, particularly since capturing Toothless simultaneously allowed him to capture the rest of Berk's dragons.

His Deathgrippers

Save your breath. The only Alpha they respond to is me. [src]
  — Grimmel to Toothless  
Grimmel has subjected six Deathgrippers to his command by using their own venom against them. He did this by sticking vials of their venom into their heads through a collar that each one wears, drugging them into absolute obedience.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

You are nothing without your dragon! [src]
  — Grimmel to Hiccup  

Being the best friend of his ultimate prize, Grimmel knows that Hiccup is an obstacle in his hunt and threatens to destroy everything the young chieftain loves if he does not give Toothless up.

Grimmel is revealed to be a dark version of Hiccup, a version who kills the Night Fury he captured instead of saving and befriending it, subsequently convincing himself that humans and dragons could never be friends. However, in their final confrontation, Hiccup's views on human/dragon relationships are proven correct, as he risks death to let the Light Fury save Toothless and she subsequently returns to rescue Hiccup while leaving Grimmel to fall into the ocean.

Unnamed Light Fury

Grimmel first saw the Light Fury caged at the Warlords' base, and he would use her as bait and as a distraction for Toothless. Once the Light Fury has served her purpose, Grimmel recaptures her and drugs her with Deathgripper venom in order to ride her and control her more easily. Fortunately, Hiccup saves the Light Fury by kicking Grimmel off her.

Ruffnut Thorston

Most annoying creature ever to cross my path! [src]
  — Grimmel to Ruffnut  
After Ruffnut is left behind by the Dragon Riders at Grimmel's base she is thrown into a cell with a Scuttleclaw. Ruffnut annoys Grimmel by talking non-stop about herself and her love life to the point where he decides to free her from her cell (along with the Scuttleclaw) and use her to discover the location of New Berk. Grimmel hates Ruffnut and claims he has never met a creature so annoying, and Ruffnut makes it her responsibility to annoy him as much as possible.

Stoick the Vast

Your father knew of me. Now, that was a chief. One of the greatest dragon hunters to have ever lived! What would he think of you? [src]
When Grimmel first confronts Hiccup, he notices Hiccup has never heard of him. He tells Hiccup how Stoick, who has heard of him, was a great chief and one of the best dragon hunters of all time. He also states Stoick would be ashamed of the way his son is ruling Berk.



I'm in the business of killing dragons, not retrieving them. [src]
My dear Warlords. How go your plans to conquer the world? [src]
Ah, a fighting spirit, I love it! Only, I'm afraid you are mistaken. You've never seen anything like me! [src]
Where's your love of the hunt? [src]
Oh, don't feel too badly. You tried your best! But, you are nothing without your dragon! [src]
When all of this set and done, this young chief will hand me the Night Fury. They don't have a leader, just a boy. [src]


  • Grimmel's full name resembles that of Grimbeard the Ghastly.
  • Grimmel's intentions to enslave or exterminate all dragons are similar to that of Alvin the Treacherous from the book series.
  • Grimmel's hairstyle is similar to that of Gellert Grindelwald from the Fantastic Beasts films.
  • Grimmel shares several similarities with Viggo Grimborn.
    • Both characters rely on their wits to swindle and outmaneuver their enemies.
    • Both characters' main profession is hunting dragons.
      • While Viggo hunted and killed dragons for profit, Grimmel hunted and killed dragons for pleasure and out of hatred.


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