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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Grimmel's Crossbow is the main weapon used by Grimmel the Grisly, which first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

While Grimmel was visiting the Warlords inside their dragon fighting arena, a Rumblehorn broke its chains and began rampaging. The hunter quickly grabbed his crossbow and shot the wild dragon, making it collapse in an instant.

During his visit in the Haddock House, Grimmel used his crossbow to inject Toothless with Deathgripper venom. However, Hiccup anticipated the move and the one who was shot was actually Fishlegs.

Grimmel used his crossbow again to sedate Toothless and the Light Fury before chaining them up to his airship. Later on while riding the Light Fury, Grimmel tried to shoot Hiccup with his crossbow, only for the latter to dodge and have the dart hit Toothless instead. Hiccup then kicked Grimmel off the Light Fury’s back, disarming him in the process and caused the crossbow to fall into the ocean.

School of Dragons

During the concomitant events of "The Hidden World" Expansion Pack, Grimmel used his crossbow to shoot down Cloudjumper and inject the dragon with Deathgripper venom. He also used his crossbow while fighting the Dragon Riders in the "Dragon Tactics" mini-game.

Physical Appearance

Grimmel's crossbow is an ordinary crossbow, with wooden structures combined with metal ones. It is also slightly smaller than regular crossbows and has a simpler ammunition loading mechanism.


  • Projectile launching: Grimmel uses his crossbow in order to launch arrows which contain Deathgripper venom. The crossbow is extremely powerful, as Grimmel managed to shoot down Toothless, who was flying at full speed while riding the female Light Fury.


  • The crossbow seems to be based off a Tranquilizer rifle, used to sedate life forms, (Deathgrippers).


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