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Greatest Inventions is the second School of Dragons book.


An all-new nonfiction series featuring DreamWorks Dragons!
Hiccup, Toothless, and other exciting characters from DreamWorks Dragons help readers learn all about ancient and modern inventions--even some amazing inventions created by kids! Filled with full-color photos and lots of fun facts, these 80-page books based on JumpStart's School of Dragons online game are the perfect way to help young readers soar into the world of nonfiction.[1]


Greatest Inventions by Nancy Castaldo, relates life on Berk to transportation, weapons, timekeeping, and astronomy! Some of these inventions exist in the world of the films, such as telescopes, body armor, boats, lighthouses, catapults, and crossbows. But the book also includes more modern inventions, such as odometers, railroads, cars, and planes.

It even has a whole section devoted to computing, though surprisingly the dragon riders had less to say about computers and video games than boats and body armor. I guess even Hiccup is limited in his ability to foresee inventions of the future.[2]




  • This book contains a code, which if it's entered on the official site, it will give the player a body armor.


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