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Grave Knappers are a group of Boneknappers appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Like reclusive hermit crabs, Grave Knappers prefer a solitary life, even living apart from their own species most of the time. But upon completing its armor, the Grave Knapper emits a bone-whistle roar to attract more of its skeletal kin!
Grave Knappers are fanatically fastidious about their collection, keeping every rib, skull, and femur clean and cataloged. If they find even one bone out of place... well, you'd better find some armor of your own!
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Physical Appearance

Grave Knappers' possess the appearance of a regular adult Boneknapper. Their skin appears to have a brown and grayish spring bud coloration. Their eyes are of grayish lime green color.

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