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Grasshoppers are insects mentioned briefly in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Grasshoppers (Suborder Caelifera) are long-bodied insects with six limbs, the last pair being particularly strong and able to propel the grasshopper about 20 of its own body-lengths. They are also capable of at least some flight, though many species cannot sustain long flight. For the most part, grasshoppers are strict herbivores, eating many kinds of plants and plant material; however, some species may eat dung or other animal material.

Many grasshopper species are solitary as adults except for mating. However, some species through chemical signaling in highly populated areas, will actually change physically and behaviorally and swarm. Those species are referred to as Locusts. Swarms can range from millions to trillions of individuals and consume all vegetation in sight.


Grasshoppers are only a source of metaphorical description in the Book series.

In real life, they are a source of food for many cultures. They are also a significant agricultural pest, especially locust species.


How to Speak Dragonese

Locusts are mentioned when describing the size of nanodragons - they are about the same. Nanodragons were first encountered in Book 3 as a dish of honey-coved nanodragons which the Fat Consul was eating.

Later, the Emperor Beetleboog Bolderbug nanodragon, Ziggerastica is described as "No bigger than a grasshopper".

How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Where once heather grew and swayed in the wind, covered with butterflies and grasshoppers and buzzing nanodragons, now there was only ashy stubble, scarred across with white, stretching out across the whole of the slope.
  — Book 5  

Grasshoppers are mentioned as inhabitants of Berk, but in Book 5 have disappeared due to a hot summer and dragon fires.


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