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Grass is a plant seen, typically in the background, of nearly every type of media in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise. It is rarely specifically mentioned, but is in some form on a few occasions.


The term grass covers a multitude of species in the Family Poaceae. Grasses are typically characterized by long, thin blade-like leaves situated on hollow stems. Some grasses are very short in height, while other species can grow as tall as a single-story home. Grasses are a type of flowering plant, though their flowers are not commonly thought of as typical flowers. Their flowers and small and usually not brightly colored or flashy, and occur in a cluster at the end of a "flowering culm" or special stem.

Some grasses notable in the Franchise include:


Not counting the specific grasses mentioned above, grass is a plant seen in the background as part of outdoor scenery in virtually every installment. Grass is also mentioned in the form of hay, which is grass of various species that has been cut and dried. Hay can be used as animal fodder or bedding. Hay is different than straw, which is the leftover stems of cereal grasses and usually has less nutritional value.

Grass is also mentioned in the Franchise as part of cultural rituals.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

In the episode "The Flight Stuff", Broad Grass is a type of grass the twins use to prank Snotlout. It's said to be a special treat for sheep.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 6

In the episode "In Plain Sight", Tuffnut indicates that Chicken is rejecting the gifts he offers her, including a hay blanket. He then accompanies Johann and Hiccup to the Northern Markets to find a really special gift.

Later, in "Mi Amore Wing", Mala and Dagur the Deranged announce their impending marriage. A tradition amongst the Defenders of the Wing includes the "Dance of Blades". The Twins mistakenly assume the dance involves sword blades and possibly some death. Mala explains it is blades of grass.

The Dance of Blades is the first dance between the bride and groom. Traditionally, it takes place on the royal lawn on fresh "blades" of grass.
  — Mala  


  • Dragon Nip, a fictional plant in the How to Train Your Dragon Universe, might be a type of grass, due to its similar appearance to normal grass.



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