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Grainfield Goregutters are a group of Crimson Goregutters that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

The Village of Traal was once considered Grainfield Goregutter central. Traal merchants had a cottage industry setting up deadly scenarios in which hapless Goregutters would fall victim. They would then be saved at the last second by the buyer who would walk away from the encounter with a bonded Goregutter.

Not all of these Vikings were ethical in their Goregutter husbandry, however. Many of the poor beasts were trained to protect Viking hoards, bandit caves, and torture dungeons with deadly brutality. These mistreated Goregutters learned to overcome their gentle nature to commit atrocious acts under threat of brutal discipline.

Stories of Goregutters eviscerating innocent villagers on the command of their trainers became so commonplace that citizens petitioned the Chief of Traal to put an end to the situation. The Chief, who had lost his hand in a training incident involving a Goregutter, addressed the people with his decree: that all Goregutters would be banned from Traal and any existing Goregutters would be exiled immediately to rid the village of the brutal attacks that plagued them.

This proclamation was met with horror and disdain from all responsible Goregutter companions, who knew that this gentle beast was only dangerous when mistreated and that the real culprits of the attacks were unethical trainers. Their outcry came too late, however, as the Chief’s decree was already carved in stone.

Goregutters have never been seen near Traal since.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Grainfield Goregutter is light yellow with a pale underbelly and dark brown horns.

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