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Gormless the Grim is a Hairy Hooligan mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Pirate Training Program

Gormless is the Swordfighting instructor in the Hooligan's Pirate Training Program for Viking novices as he is "the best sword-fighter in the Hooligan Tribe." He also teaches extra lessons for Hiccup, outside the Training Program to enhance Hiccup's natural ability.

Physical Appearance

No description is given of Gormless the Grim, other than that he is an adult male. It might be assumed he has facial hair as is typical for Hooligans.



  • According to, 'Gormless' means "lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy." It is principally used in Great Britain, which is the author's country of origin.

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