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Toothless mak ta me m-m-ost speshally griefspotties. Toothless's runners pop in a cack-cack di Goredragon, plus me pressit muchwide ondi floorsheet.
I make you my most heartfelt apologies. I seem to have stepped in Goredragon poo and trodden it all over your carpet.
  — Toothless  

Goredragons, or rather their feces, are mentioned only once in How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel, as part of the supplemental pages on how to speak Dragonese.

Physical Appearance

There is no description or information of any kind on this once-mentioned dragon. It is possible that the author may have been thinking of the Goreslingus Rex (also only mentioned once) seen in The Incomplete Book of Dragons or vice-versa. The Gorebluffer is also possible.


How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel

The Goredragon is mentioned only once, and only indirectly in this Book.

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