Sadly, Bertha, Chief of the Bog-Burglars, sharpened her axe, looking back at happier times when she was striding waist-deep in the delightful bogs of home, her faithful Goreblaster swimming by her side.
  How to Fight a Dragon's Fury  

The Goreblaster is mentioned only once in How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, as Big-Boobied Bertha reminisces of home during the Dragon Rebellion.

Physical Description

There is no description or further information about the Goreblaster.

The above passage implies a Goreblaster might be classed as a Bog Dragon, and used as a Hunting Dragon. Because the dragon is swimming while the human is wading through water, it is probably around the size of a dog.

Another possibility is that the author meant to reference the Gorebluffer, a dragon assisting humans (Alvin the Treacherous and Excellinor the Witch) in Book 11.


How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

The Goreblaster is only mentioned once in the final Book of the How to Train Your Dragon Series.

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