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Golphins are adorable, perky Sea Dragons that appears in the reference book, The Incomplete Book of Dragons

Physical Description

Golphins mimic dolphins in appearance, behavior, and in name. They appear to have a somewhat elongated body with a short neck and four short legs. Their wings are very large compared to their body, and are presumably used for swimming. They have a draconic tail with a small triangular spade at the end.

Golphin eggs are rather interesting - they can bounce. This implies that Golphin eggs need to be laid on land, though they are ultimately a Sea Dragon. The eggs can bounce to the height of a house. They are laid during the Spring in the Barbaric Archipelago, in bogs and marshlands. The bouncing ability is needed to escape predators, such as the Sidewinder.


As Sea Dragons, the Golphins are excellent swimmers. It is unknown if they can also fly. Golphins can speak Dragonese and have an excellent sense of smell.


These highly social dragons swim in packs or pods. A lost individual will 'sing', presumably to alert its pod of its whereabouts. Any human hearing this lost song may think of ghosts at sea. As with dolphins, golphins will swim and play with ships. They have also been known to save ships by guiding them to better waters. Swimming with Golphins is said to be "a great experience". Golphins also never forget a friendship once its made, indicating they may be very loyal dragons.

Golphins remained neutral during the Dragon Rebellion.


The Incomplete Book of Dragons

Golphins are discussed in this reference book. Their eggs are also discussed in the Dragon Eggs section.


  • The Seashocker from the film franchise may have been inspired by this particular dragon.

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