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Waldondo del Mundo: "Have you ever heard of the Golden Dragon?"
Leyla: "You mean the dragon that according to legend only lays one egg every hundred years? An egg that happens to be made of solid gold?"[src]

The Golden Dragon is a large dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon.

Physical Appearance


HFTGD - Close up of the golden dragon egg.jpg

The eggs of Golden Dragons are oval with a smooth and shiny exterior. They are also made of solid gold.

Hatchling to Adult

Baby Golden Dragons have the same color as the adult, but with much shorter horns.

Golden Dragons are quite large in size with dark brown and golden scales, and spiraling antelope-like horns. They are quadrupedal and have a short, bumpy tail, with a small fin on it. The scales of Golden Dragons are very reminiscent of bird feathers, especially those on the chest of the dragon. Their wings are quite small compared to their body size.


Golden Glitter Blasts

HFTGD - Gemma doing another gold blast.jpg

Golden Dragons can fire streams of golden glitter after feeding on their egg shells upon hatching. The glitter is difficult to be washed off once it sticks and can be an irritant when it gets into the eyes of living creatures.


Golden Dragons can use their strong claws to climb vertical stone walls and stay attached to the ceiling of a cave.

Behavior and Personality

Golden Dragons are very protective of their nests and believe that they can take on anything by themselves. But after realizing their overconfidence, they are willing to allow others to help.


Extreme Rarity

Golden Dragons lay eggs only once every 100 years, making the species vulnerable to extinction. Not only this, they are also vulnerable to hunters who seek their eggs for their gold, as Golden Dragons don't have many defensive abilities.


Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

Main article: Gemma
Main article: Gemma's Offspring

The Rescue Riders set out to find a Golden Dragon and its egg before Waldondo del Mundo, Erik the Wretched, and Svetlana the Sly, so that they could protect them. They found Gemma and her egg inside a cave on an unnamed island. She claimed to not need any help, but after seeing the other dragons' abilities, she accepted. The Rescue Riders create a diversion so that the pirates would stop chasing the Golden Dragon and return just in time to see the egg hatch. The baby immediately started eating the eggshell in order to gain the glitter ability.


  • The Golden Dragon's trait of laying an egg once every 100 years is similar to that of a Screaming Death.
    • This would imply that Golden Dragons live for over 100 years.

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