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Gobber's Parents are two Vikings who first appeared in Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon.



I thought maybe we could train them by threatening to kill them. That's how my daddy taught me to swim. [src]
  — Gobber  

In "Viking for Hire", Gobber arrives with several weapons in an attempt to help "train" the dragons. He figures that Vikings can train dragons by threatening to kill them, citing his father's attempts to teach him how to swim.

Mother and Goat

This reminds me of the time I moved my mother in with my goat. She was mean, ornery, ate everything in sight. The goat was so scared of her, she couldn't give milk. [src]
  — Gobber  

At some point, as revealed in "Animal House", Gobber moved his mother in with his goat. His mother's ornery behavior and eating habits scared the goat so much that it was unable to produce milk.

A Family Outing

Gobber tells the tale of how, as a teenager, he was out with his parents on their ship for a family picnic. Gobber needed to go to the bathroom, so they pulled over at an iceberg. Gobber discovered Vikings frozen in ice and their treasure. When a covetous Boneknapper arrives at the scene, hijinks ensue, and eventually, Gobber falls back onto the family boat.

Bedtime Stories

Gobber and the Dragon Riders discover the deadly dragonvine on Dragonvine Island. He comments that he "thought it was just a lullaby my mum sang as she rocked me to sleep in her wooden arms."

Physical Description

Gobber's mother is a short woman with long straw blonde hair styled into knots. She wears a green dress and has a small horned helmet on her head. Later, she is described as having "wooden arms". This may be literal, as many Vikings in Franchise have prosthetic limbs, or it could be figurative, meaning her arms were stiff and hard.

Gobber's father is tall and brawny, with a scowling expression. He also has straw blonde hair. He does not have a beard, but has a handlebar mustache, much like the one Gobber has later in life.


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