Gobber's Nemesis is a Boneknapper featured in Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon.

Official Description

The legendary Boneknapper was only Gobber's nemesis because it wanted a single bone from Gobber's collection to help give it a perfect roar.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Grudge against Gobber the Belch

Gobber's Nemesis first encountered Gobber when the latter got hold of a small treasure chest. He crashed into the glacier and caused an avalanche that nearly separated Gobber from the treasure. After Gobber reclaimed the treasure, Gobber's Nemesis clutched it in his talons, but Gobber took it back and escaped the Boneknapper after diving into a hole in a glacier.

Many years later, Gobber's Nemesis had Gobber stranded on an island. As Gobber ran over the shark-infested waters to another island, Gobber's Nemesis planned to attack when a Hammerhead Whale leapt from the ocean to attack Gobber's Nemesis, but the Boneknapper managed to escape.

Years after, Gobber's Nemesis was chasing Gobber through a forest and up a volcano. As Gobber jumped over the crater, a Hammerhead Yak burst from the lava to attack Gobber's Nemesis, but the Boneknapper managed to escape again.

Eventually, Gobber set up a gauntlet of traps to capture his Boneknapper nemesis. When the dragon appeared, Gobber led him through the traps, but none succeeded in apprehending the Boneknapper. Upon being cornered by the edge of a cliff, Gobber screamed for help and summoned Thor, who in turn summoned the Hammerhead Yak riding the Hammerhead Whale. Both creatures attacked the Boneknapper and freed Gobber.

Encounter with the Dragon Riders

Several years after their last encounter, Gobber believed that his Boneknapper nemesis had returned following a fire in his house. With the Dragon Riders and his pet sheep Phil tow, Gobber decided to put an end to his rivalry with the Boneknapper by hunting the dragon down.

After becoming stranded on an island, Gobber recounted his stories to the Dragon Riders before setting a trap with Fishlegs as bait. However, Gobber's Nemesis snuck up behind the group and tricked them into being caught in the ribcage. Gobber's Nemesis intended to finish the Vikings off when Hiccup noticed its missing piece of armor, which matched perfectly with Gobber’s belt buckle: the treasure that the dragon had been pursuing. Gobber initially refused to give it up, but he eventually relented and gave the Boneknapper the belt buckle, restoring the dragon’s roar. In return, Gobber's Nemesis befriended and gave the Vikings a ride back to Berk with several other Boneknappers following them.

Physical Appearance

As being a Boneknapper, this individual is fairly a large dragon.


Gobber's Nemesis and Gobber the Belch have been rivals for a quite long period of time, however this was mostly due to the Boneknapper's objective to gain the perfect bone piece, which was Gobber's belt buckle, and Gobber didn't know about the species' nature to seek for bone armors.

As long as his desire is fulfilled, Gobber's Nemesis seems very friendly and playful to humans, like that of dogs. He is also quite generous, as he let Gobber, Hiccup, and the other members of the gang back to Berk by letting them ride on his back.


Strength: He is capable of carrying Gobber and all the members of the gangs on Berk (with a sheep as well) with ease.

Stamina: Being a fully-grown Boneknapper, he has high leveled stamina to keep wearing the bone armor for his lifetime.

Fire Breath: He bursts a rapid torrent of flame from his mouth that is unique to his species. This fire doesn't seem to be the hottest of all, but due to his size the range of the attack is quite large.

Thundering roar: He seems to have tremendous lung capacity as that his single roar can blow away surrounding objects vigorously. Without the special bone piece, however, the dragon's roar is nothing more than an air leakage sound from the vocal cord. How this logically works is currently unstated. This is also a mating call as well.


  • The existence of the Boneknapper raises the question as to whether the Hammerhead Yak and Hammerhead Whale are also more than just fabrications. If so, it means that Gobber has seen Thor himself.
  • In Rise of Berk, the dragon's eyes change color from green (hatchling) to red (adult). Gobber's Nemesis in the short film appears to have green eyes.


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