Gludge is a male Sea Gronckle and a recurring character[1] appearing in the children's television series, Dragons: Rescue Riders. He appeared in Season 2.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

In "Belly Flop", Gludge accidentally swallowed Elbone along with a school of ice tail pike. When the Rescue Riders tried to convince him to release their friend from his mouth, Gludge refused, believing that the Rescue Riders were trying to steal his fish. After several failed attempts, one of which caused Summer to also be swallowed by Gludge, he was eventually coaxed into eating Dak's Seven Spice Seafood Surprise fish wraps, which made the Sea Gronckle sick enough to hurl the fish, Elbone and Summer out of his mouth. Gludge then departed back into the sea, remarking that whoever had made the fish wraps was a terrible cook.

Physical Appearance

Gludge is an enormous dragon, with a sea green hide and a pale yellow underbelly. He has pink horizontal stripes on his nose and back, as well as brown bumps. He has hundreds of barnacles attached to him, mostly on his jaw.


Gludge is a very lazy and very stubborn dragon. He isn't very bright, but considers himself to be smart. He can easily be impressed by other dragons' tricks, which can distract him from eating.



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