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This is the page for real animal from the franchise. You may be looking for the book dragon species with the same name.

The Glowworm is an invertebrate seen in the game, School of Dragons.


In the game, School of Dragons, the player can fish for food for their dragons and to complete quests. The bait available to do so includes the Glowworm. In game, the entire body is a luminescent yellow, with a green luminescent head area. There are no distinct features, and looks like some sort of segmented worm.

In actuality, a "Glowworm" is a general term for any number of bioluminescent insect larvae. The most common in Europe and the species most likely to have been encountered by historical Vikings is the Common Glowworm (Lampyris noctiluca). This is a member of the firefly genus. All life stages are luminescent. The larvae are luminescent, as well as the wingless adult females. Females are about twice the size of males. Adult males have fully developed wings and can fly. The entire bodies of either gender are not luminescent, but rather only certain parts of the body glow, largely in the abdomen area.


In the game, School of Dragons, glowworms are used exclusively as fishing bait. They can be used at any fishing location, but are best used for the Deep Sea Fishing spot in the "Open Sea". This bait is required to catch Angler fish and Viperfish. In real life, glowworms - or any insect for that matter - could potentially be used to fish with.



School of Dragons

Glowworms are used as fish bait in the game and to catch Angler Fish and Viperfish at the Deep Sea fishing spot. Glowworms cost 8 coins each and are only available from the Store.


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