Gleamer is a pale-colored Sword Stealer that appears in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

On top of being magnetic, this beautiful dragon can sniff out veins of gold underground and excavate them. Only Odin knows how he gets the gold to stick to his armor.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

Gleamer is mainly a whitish blue with gold lines over his body. He also has a gold-plated muzzle, jaw, spine spikes, and tail spade. He has little in the way of weaponry magnetized to his body except perhaps a few arrows. His mouth glows molten orange.


Gold Manipulation: In addition to the magnetism that all Sword Stealers possess, Gleamer is able to in some way sense gold deposits and dig them out. These are abilities more suited for a Boulder Class dragon than a Mystery class dragon. Once the gold is obtained, Gleamer is able to adhere it to his body as any other metal, despite the fact that gold is not a metal that is attracted by magnetism. Perhaps Gleamer is able to add gold through some sort of electroplating process.


  • Gleamer is the first individual Sword Stealer introduced in Rise of Berk.
  • Though Gleamer is an individual, his abilities set him apart from other Sword Stealers, to the point that he could be considered a "mutant" of sorts, or a sub-species.



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