The last stopping point on the map is the wreck of the Gjallarhorn. You'll know it when you see it-- it's the giant shipwreck that's fifty feet up in the air! [src]

Gjallarhorn is a Viking Longship that shipwrecked at Helheim's Gate prior to the events of the first film.


During one of the Hooligans' search parties for Dragon Island, Gjallarhorn shipwrecked in Helheim's Gate and ended up hanged on a rock formation, fifty feet above the water level.

When Stoick the Vast and Berk's entire army went to Dragon Island guided by Toothless, they passed by the remains of Gjallarhorn.

Years later, when Hiccup tried to find Dragon Island, he used Gjallarhorn as a stopping point on his map, as he remembered that the wrecked ship is very close to Dragon Island.


  • In Norse mythology, Gjallarhorn was a horn used by the god Heimdallr and the wise being Mimir. Its sound was said to be able to be heard in all of the nine realms of the world. The name comes from the Norse words for "yelling horn".


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