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I'm proud of you, buddy. Girl Hookfang just became an honorary Jorgenson. [src]
  — Snotlout  

Girl Hookfang is a female Monstrous Nightmare who first appeared in "Total Nightmare".

Official Description

Things can get heated when Girl Hookfang senses danger, especially when she's protecting her eggs!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Hookfang and the Titan Wing

In "Total Nightmare", Snotlout found Girl Hookfang when he was looking for Hookfang after he kept disappearing. He tried scaring her off with an electric eel and forcing Hookfang to choose between her and him, but then figured out she had eggs, and that Hookfang had been trying to protect her from the Titan Wing.

Snotlout joins Hookfang in the fight against the Titan Wing to protect the eggs. Girl Hookfang aids them too at times, but seems to trust Hookfang and Snotlout to take care of business, so she prefers to stay close to her eggs.

Physical Appearance

Girl Hookfang is an average purple and yellow colored Monstrous Nightmare.


Girl Hookfang is very protective of her eggs. She is shown to be quite aggressive towards those that come near her cave, but she is very friendly with Hookfang because he helped her protect her eggs from harm. Later, she even showed enough trust to allow humans to come close to her hatchlings.


  • It is possible that Girl Hookfang’s mate was killed by the Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare. She may have also had eggs through parthenogenesis. Either way, Hookfang had a mate previously in Gift of the Night Fury, who was later introduced in Rise of Berk.
    • According to Fishlegs, her mate was likely a rival of the Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare, leading to him attacking Girl Hookfang's eggs.
  • Girl Hookfang's colors are very similar to those of Fanghook and Cagecruncher. Her colors are also similar to those of the Monstrous Nightmare that Astrid trained on Outcast Island when she was pretending to be Heather.


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