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Fathom: "Having humans or any other dragons down here, with us, is new."
Gill: "And sometimes new can be good."
Fathom: "Sometimes."[src]

Gill is a male Divewing. He first appeared in Season 2 episode "Divewings".


Protecting his Nest

Gill and his mate, Fathom, made a nest in an underwater cave under Huttsgalor, where Fathom laid three eggs. During the events of "Divewings", a large amount of trash that was dumped into the sea ended up in her nest and endangered her eggs. Gill started attacking boats from Huttsgalor along with Fathom, in an attempt to stop it. His attack was intercepted by the Rescue Riders, who stopped him and Fathom. The two returned to their nest, but they were followed by the Riders. Leyla and Summer entered the cave quickly afterwards, but were chased out by Gill and Fathom. All the Riders then entered the cave, where Gill explained the situation to them. The Riders offered to help him clean the cave and find the culprit, to which Gill agreed. He persuaded Fathom into acknowledging that not all humans were bad. Upon finishing, he exited the cave along with the others and discovered more trash floating on water and getting close to her nest. Fathom accused Leyla and Dak of lying so she and Gill attacked Elbone's ship (who turned out to be the culprit), but could not stop the litter threatening the nest. Dak then had an idea and, with the help of Gill, Fathom, and Summer, used fishing nets to catch the trash. Gill and Fathom then thanked the Rescue Riders and forgave Elbone. They returned to their nest.

Hypnotised by Melodia

Gill was among the many dragons that fell under the hypnosis of a Songwing named Melodia. He was forced to sing alongside her on an island close to Huttsgalor. When the Rescue Riders temporarily stopped Melodia from singing using Dragon Pepper dust, Gill and the rest of the hypnotised dragons followed the group to Huttsgalor. Upon arriving, they started singing in unison as to help Melodia find them. After a sleepless night, the Songwing arrived on Huttsgalor and the dragons reunited with her. Gill and the rest of the group then proceeded to sing alongside Melodia, as she hypnotised the humans as well. After several attempts made by the Rescue Riders, Gill and everyone else that was hypnotised was freed from the Songwing's voice, when Leyla managed to sing more beautifully than Melodia.

Physical Appearance

Gill is turquoise with teal stripes and spots all over his body. He has dark golden wings, head, legs, and tail, as well as light blue eyes. He has a single yellow spine on his back, at the base of his tail.


Gill is much calmer and more peaceful than his mate, Fathom. He tries to solve problems by talking, rather than by brute force. He often has to calm down Fathom when she overreacts. However, he still follows her orders, suggesting that she has some sort of power over him.



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