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This is exciting! An egg this size and color could be lots of different species. A Whooping Whifflewing, Gigantic Grumplumper, even a Roaming Ramblefang. [src]

The Gigantic Grumplumper is a large dragon that is first mentioned in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


The eggs of Gigantic Grumplumper are large, and presumably similar looking to the Roaming Ramblefang eggs - ovoid and can be a purple color. The egg's height is roughly that of a half-grown human.

Hatchling to Adult

A Gigantic Grumplumper is not seen, but is presumably a gigantic dragon in adulthood. With such a large egg size, hatchlings are presumably just large enough for a small human to sit on.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

Leyla briefly mentions the Gigantic Grumplumper while trying to identify a dragon egg in "Double Finked".


  • Based solely on the species name, the Gigantic Grumplumper may tend to have disagreeable behavior or be 'grumpy', and be 'lumpy' or have many bumps or protrusions on its body.

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