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Giant Bee-Eaters are insect-eating dragons appearing in How to Break a Dragon's Heart and The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

Physical Description

Giant Bee-Eaters look very much like deep sea Angler fish. They appear to be large, but relatively harmless nocturnal insectivores, using a long dangling lure with a glowing tip sprouting from their noses.

They can reach in excess of 50 feet long. Though their diet consists primarily of bugs, they will willingly ingest any other creature that gets trapped in their mouths as they float over the forests.

To note: the info box in How to Break a Dragon's Heart indicates they are vegetarian, but this is not accurate since they eat mostly bees and other insects.


How to Break a Dragon's Heart

Hiccup and his Windwalker nearly fly into a Giant Bee-Eater's gaping mouth when looking for Fishlegs on Berserker Island.

The Incomplete Book of Dragons

The Giant Bee-Eater appears in this reference book along with some information on the species.


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