Fishlegs: "Not really. Feels kind of like my old Aunt Gerta. You know she used to..."
Hiccup: "No, I'd like to be able to sleep tonight."

Gerta is Fishlegs Ingerman's aunt and a member of House Ingerman.


Comparison to Yak Fur

After finding out that Fishlegs was allergic to an unknown substance, Ruffnut and Tuffnut attempted to determine the identity of this substance. They forced Fishlegs to place itchy yak fur on his face in order to determine if it was the substance causing Fishlegs' allergies, but Fishlegs simply remarked that the fur felt like his Aunt Gerta. He then proceeded to describe some behavior that she used to do, before being cut off by Hiccup.


  • Though Gerta's last name is not given, it is possible that it is 'Ingerman' if she married a brother of Fishlegs' father or is his father's unmarried sister.

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