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Gemma is a female Golden Dragon who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon.


Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

Gemma laid an egg in a secret nest made for Golden Dragons. One day, she went outside her cave and noticed three pirate ships around the island. When she returned to her nest, she found two humans and five dragons, so she assumed they came for her egg. She threatened the group, but soon realised they meant no harm. The girl, Leyla, told Gemma that they were called the Rescue Riders, and that they have come to protect her egg from the pirates. Gemma refused, claiming that she could take care of the egg using her glitter attack, but after seeing what the other dragons were capable of, she accepted the help. The Rescue Riders made a plan to get rid of the pirates, so they built three fake eggs using stone and Gemma's glitter, pretending that the egg had fallen into the sea and was lost forever. They then went to execute their plan, leaving Gemma alone with her egg. When the Rescue Riders returned to the cave, Gemma showed them the hatching egg. The hatchling started to chew on the eggshell and Gemma explained that it was the only way for a Golden Dragon to obtain the glitter blast. She and her offspring demonstrated the ability to the Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Gemma is representative for her species. She has golden and dark brown shades and bright yellow eyes.


Gemma is overconfident, believing she can manage to do everything by herself with her glitter blast. However, if proven wrong, she will accept her mistake and let others help her. She is very protective of her offspring, and will do anything to protect it.

Abilities and Skills

  • Glitter Blast: Like any other Golden Dragon, Gemma ate her eggshell when she hatch, which granted her the ability to shot streams of golden glitter, which can irritate an opponent's eyes.



It's not glitter. It's my golden blast.
Not unless they wanna get blasted! Yeah, you're right, it is kind of glittery.
Thank you, Rescue Riders. Turn out I needed your help after all. You saved my egg just in time.


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